Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

I Love Saturday!


Do you want to know why I have so much time to knit?  Because I have staff.  These two mow my lawn.

I have the most handsome lawn guys in the neighborhood.  And they do a fabulous job.  They even clean their bedroom occasionally!

While they were mowing the lawn today, I worked on a test knit for Susan.  This is Pumpkin Patch, named after the little pumpkin shapes the cables make.  I’m calling mine Sangria Twist.

The yarn is HandMaiden Casbah, colorway Sangria, purchased at Knitty Noddy.  The yarn is heaven and the deep saturated color is amazing.  Evelyn ships extremely quickly and she has something else that you may want.  She’s taking preorders for Addi Turbo interchangeable needles!!!  Why yes, I do have them on order.

It may be a little quiet around this blog next week.  Don’t worry!  It’s not serious, but Honey and I are heading for Mayo Clinic tomorrow night.  (We only live 3 hours from there, so why not head for the best!!!)  Honey ripped a bicep muscle this summer and he’s having it reattached.  I’d show you a photo but he objected.  When he holds his arm out, the muscle rolls up like a window shade.  It’s really nasty and has been quite painful for him. Please keep him in your prayers on Tuesday.  His arm has to be kept immobilized for 4 weeks and my guy is right handed and guess which arm he hurt?  Yep!

I’m sure I’ll have lots of knitting to show you next week.  It’s going to be lots of sitting and waiting for me.

Oh, and say a prayer for Nana too.  She gets to homeschool a 4th grader!?!


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10 thoughts on “I Love Saturday!

  1. My prayers will be with you and your Honey. I fly back to the Mayo clinic for my health care. They have been my answer to prayers in helping to diagnose a very rare condition. I love to walk the halls of the clinic looking at the beautiful artwork, such a peaceful place to be in spite of the reason I am there. The pumpkins look wonderful in the colorway you are using. Do you get to pick the yarn you will use when test knitting?

  2. Here I thought I had an idea for your Christmas present and you beat me
    to it. Maybe I could email Knitty Noddy and tell her to cancel your order.

  3. I will be thinking of you guys on Tuesday, sending ‘good vibes’ thru the airwaves…
    good luck with that; they’ll fix you right up! Now, what’s this about the Addi’s????
    How’d I miss that??!! going off to order mine right now……thanks for the head’s up!
    p.s. how cool are those pumpkins?

  4. Owowowowowowowwwww.
    oh, and ouch.
    good vibes comin’ your way!

  5. Prayers said for a fast and easy surgery, and an even faster recovery! :0)

  6. Lovely test knit. That yarn looks so squishy, and I love the colors. Good luck with the surgery!

  7. Good luck with everything at Mayo. Lucas’ friend did that in college and they nicknamed his muscle “the alien.” It was pretty gross! No baby news yet, but we’ll make sure to keep you posted!

  8. I think I will just pray for the whole durn family. Have a safe and successful trip.

  9. Isn’t Casbah just wonderful?! I hadn’t heard about the Addi interchangeable needles yet. Oooooh!

    I’ll be praying for your hubby.

  10. I use to mow the lawn when I was a kid. Out of all the chores I had that one I liked the most! I hope all goes well for you and your family this week.

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