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Rainy Days and Mondays


You read the title of this post, and if you’re of a certain age, you’re singing along with Karen Carpenter right now aren’t you???  (I love singing in my head.  It sounds better!)

It rained here all day Sunday, and we woke up to rain this morning.  But this is what my back yard looks like right now.

I don’t know why, but I’m appreciating fall so much more this year.  The colors are so glorious, it almost hurts your eyes.  I drove in to Minneapolis on Friday to pick up college girl (it’s her fall break) and I totally enjoyed the trip.  Fall in Minnesota is the best!

College kid, the next sister, and I stayed in downtown Minneapolis on Friday night.  We went out for dinner and generally had a blast.  Those girls are squirrely though.  Sheesh!

There was some knitting.  When is there not???  I started my Flat Feet socks.

I’m totally amazed at what the knit sock looks like.  It’s a melding of fall colors.  I expected it to be funkier.  I’m not complaining though, because I like the look.  I’m not sold on Flat Feet.  My stitches are somewhat uneven because I’m working with kinked yarn.  Look at the piece hanging off the toe of the sock.  We’ll see what happens when they’re blocked.  Yes, I may actually have to block these.

I have bread in the bread machine, and we’re having chili tonight, because as gorgeous as it is outside, it’s only about 50 degrees!  We also picked up an apple streusel pie at Baker’s Square.  I hope I have ice cream!

I’ll leave you with my artsy shot for the day.


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12 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Mondays

  1. Love the photos!
    One COULD unravel into a hank, moisten, hang dry, and reskein to get rid of the kinkiness of the yarn…
    If one were nuts and a bit compulsive…
    (PS we need a conference call, when are you free?)

  2. I really like the way that sock is knitting up and I love the fabric but I have to say I did wonder about knitting with the unraveled yarn. I’m curious to see how you like the sock after you block or wear it. Your colors outside are breath taking and I’m living the colors of Fall through your photos. You are lucky to have your college girl at home for a visit, mine is in Athens, Greece for her final year of University and it’s been really hard this year having her so far away. Enjoy your chili, bread, and apple pie tonight. We are having burritos! Off to fix our meal.

  3. I, too, am appreciating Autumn much more this year. The colors in Wisconsin are almost as lovely as yours but I envy your 50 degrees. The weather front hasn’t made it this far south yet and we had mid 70’s today…not bad but not Autumn. I like the sock…I’ll be interested to read your final thoughts after you’ve blocked the pair.

  4. Autumn colors… sigh. I haven’t lived in a state with seasons since I was 10 years old. And I still miss them. Sadly we only have dry wind and rust colored skies from a fire out there somewhere. I really don’t care for much about So Cal to tell you the truth… plus I can rarely wear wool. Okay, done whining.

    I think it would be fun to get the flat feet blanks from Knit Picks to dye myself, but they would probably just end up in the bin with the hanks of natural sock yarns that I got 2 years ago for dying.

    Well, I’m into the 2nd chart on Hyrna H, got a bit more of a sweater done, Rivolo is a bit longer and… I started another sock. I think I’m losing.

  5. I would never have expected the colors of the sock to look like that, based on the flat fabric. Pretty cool.

  6. I’ve never tried flat feet, but I’ve heard that they are fun to knit with because you never know just how the socks (or whatever the project is) will be colored. I love the colors in your sock! Crinkled yarn is not my favorite to knit with, though. I suppose you could unravel the whole thing and straighten it out.

  7. Love all of the fall colors on your site. Thanks for sharing your yard photos. We live in a mostly pine forest area so we also don’t get as much color due to lack of leafy trees. Love your projects as usual. I’m not sure if the flat sock is super wash but knitting with kinky (ripped from another project) superwash wool was a gauge disaster when I tried it. The sweater stretched huge when wet and I couldn’t get it to block to the correct smaller size.

  8. Stop taunting us with your autumnal colors. Love the sock, btw!

  9. I was driving down the highway this weekend and all the fall colors struck me. I was like when did all the leaves change. Then another mile they were all green again, it was weird. Love your pics. The socks look really neat.

  10. Our fall has been very dry so our leaves are not as pretty as in years past. I am so craving the cold weather… this heat down here is getting old and I am sick of my summer clothes and want to start wearing the wools!
    Love the fence shot… what is hanging on it? What a beautiful backdrop.

  11. I love this sock and the one you posted the other day – great colora and great patterns. Could you share the names of the sock patterns? I’m always looking for new ones to try — your photos are gorgeous. I really enjoy your blog –thanks – carol

  12. Gorgeous picture, and love the sock!

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