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The Demise of the Poinsettia


I’m test knitting the most amazing project right now.  It’s Poinsettia, designed by Susan Pandorf.

Disclaimer:  These photos are shamelessly stolen from Susan’s Blog.  Go over there and look at more photos and get the info on how to obtain this pattern!!!

Look at this gorgeous thing!  Sea Silk is the most amazing yarn!  And the beads…

There are little Christmas trees with beaded garland.  Oh, and look at the beads on the bottom edge.

And then there are the poinsettia leaves.  And beads…..

I got the pattern from Susan on Tuesday.  I immediately went through my beads.  That’s where the trouble started.  I quickly determined that my Poinsettia was going to be lacking beads.  Then I started digging in my very considerable stash!

I wanted the red and green mix.  Nope!  I have some Casbah on order, but knew it wouldn’t show up soon enough.

My next plan was red.  But then I’d have red Christmas trees on the bottom.  And the red I was thinking of using was called “Lobster” and it was too lobsterish.

Ok, what I really wanted was an evergreen color with some shading.  The poinsettia leaves would be green, but I could live with that.  I’m really fussy about greens.  Therefore, I don’t have much green yarn.  At least not the green I was picturing.

Plan D.  I could make mine in fall colors.  I quickly found a skein I liked.  Crud!!!  That’s not nearly enough yarn.

I finally found a yarn that suited me, wound it, and started knitting.  I’m using Schaefer Lola.  Heaven!!!  I finished both charts, sat back and looked…..

I. Killed. Poinsettia.

Susan, I’m very sorry!

May I introduce you to Christmas in the Caribbean.

Those aren’t poinsettia leaves, they’re palm trees.

And these are waves, not Christmas Trees.  Oh, and I messed up the bottom border and missed a few rows.  What can I say?  The election was on.

But look at those gorgeous stitches.  Susan uses lots of “knit through the back of the loops”.

And guess what else?   I didn’t find one mistake!!!!!

So, head over to Susan’s blog.  I’m sure she’ll have the pattern ready soon.

And please forgive me for killing Poinsettia.  I didn’t mean to.


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4 thoughts on “The Demise of the Poinsettia

  1. It doesn’t look dead?

  2. Artistic liberty – reminded me of the sailboats in Florida with Xmas lights strung up the mast.

  3. OMG!! Both are gorgeous! You’re so talented and creative! And I even saw some dolphins among the waves!

  4. ….people in tropical regions have Christmas too…and not necessarily red and green….that’s a beautiful pattern….

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