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Just What You Always Wanted To Know!


OK, because I still don’t have photos of Kid 5’s new vest, I’m going to give this meme from Helen a shot. This is going to be hard, because I’m an open book.  Very often what comes out of my mouth has bypassed my brain.  You never need to wonder what I’m thinking.  But here goes.

Seven Things About Me

1.  I still hate walking through a bedroom in the dark.  I have to fight the urge to take a flying leap onto my bed.

2.  I absolutely detest yoghurt, cucumbers, and smelly cheese.  I call bleu cheese baby barf, and I’ve had enough of that in my lifetime.

3.  I’ve only said “I love you” to one man in my life.  Hi honey!!!

4.  If I’m stuck waiting anywhere, it makes me absolutely crazy if I don’t have my knitting along.

5.  I crave alone time and I rarely get it.  I like my own company.

6.  I like to make people laugh.  I ‘m good at making fun of myself, and if that makes people laugh, it’s just fine with me.

7.  If I could go anywhere I wanted on a given evening, my first choice would be to stay home, sometimes with my family, and sometimes by myself.  I love being home.

So does she!  (The quilt was made by my mother in law and just sold on an auction at our church for a lot of money!!!)

I’ll be back soon with a vest photo shoot.  We found a shirt tonight to put under it, and I bought the buttons.

Oh, and can I tell you about my date with Honey last night?  We spent $350 on groceries.  He had the staples list, and I had the Thanksgiving list.  Two carts and a big bill later and we were done!  And yes, I know that’s a lame date.  We’re like that!  But most of you still have to get groceries for Thanksgiving, don’t you???


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8 thoughts on “Just What You Always Wanted To Know!

  1. OH man…
    waiting without knitting??? people can do this? really???

  2. The quilt is gorgeous and with its coloration on my monitor, would be a great Christmas throw! I can see that it would be auctioned for a goodly sum.
    My DH and I get those shopping dates, too.

  3. What else do us mom’s with 5 kids do for a date, multitasking is in our blood. Waiting without knitting is just torture. And my company is the best around….I don’t argue with myself and I know how to be quiet…hard commodity in my house….I get a good laugh reading your blog because I really relate.

  4. ….love knowing those things about you….thanx for sharing….love that quilt too….happy thanksgiving….

  5. I always love seeing your quilts! I’m totally with ya on 4-7. I’d much rather stay home with a good book or my knitting than go out.

  6. That sounds like a fantastic date! =)
    I miss the military years we had, with commissary groceries, and commissary prices. There is something very comforting about filling your fridge with everything and anything you want.
    Although, I bet I often had blue cheese in there, sorry! haha

  7. I still have to make my grocery list and then do the shopping for Thanksgiving. The only thing that’s keeping me from panic is that my daughter in Greece is making Thanksgiving dinner 10 hours before I have to and she did her shopping today (tonight for her). I had to laugh about wanting to jump into bed in the dark, thanks to my sister’s hiding under the bed and grabbing my feet when we were little, I still have the urge to peek under the bed before climbing in for the night!

  8. Six of your 7 things could very well have been mine, But I do like yogurt, tolerate cucumbers and love blue cheese!!!

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