Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

2009 Finished Projects

1.  My Hero Sweater  January 4, 2009

2.  Hypotenuse Jan 16, 2009

3. Teeny Bopper Scarf January 25, 2009

4.  Spiral Cowl Feb 6, 2009

5. Thelma’s Day Out,  February 9, 2009

6. Sweet Tart February 10,2009


7.  Just Enough Ruffles February 15, 2009

8.  Gathered Scarf February 15, 2009

9.  Scarlet Moth March 16, 2009

10.  Lengthwise Cable Scarf  March 21, 2009

11.  Fanciful Flowers April 4, 2009

12.  Red and Redwork April 5, 2009

13.  Miralda’s Shawl April 12, 2009

14.  Groovy Socks April 21, 2009

15.  Pinwheel Quilt,  April 21. 2009

16.  Poodle Skirts March 25, 2009

17.  Sweet Baby Jane quilt,  April 20, 2009

18. Rebel Roses Quilt,   April 20, 2009

19.  Moda Bake Shop Binder,  April 18, 2009

20.  Buttercup May 9, 2009

21.  Loksins May 31, 2009

22.  Eyelet Cardi June 11, 2009

23.  Taupe and Black Quilt July 3, 2009

24.  Waves of Alaska July 25, 2009

25. Trevi August 2, 2009

26.  Almost Neon Rag Quilt August 8, 2009

27.  Four Corner Hat August 22, 2009

28.  Ishbel August 20, 2009

29.  Celtic Evening Bag Aug 31, 2009

30.  Clothilde Sept 5, 2009

31.  Oilcloth Bag Sept 15, 2009

32. Rendezvous Sept. 21, 2009

33.  House Quilt Oct. 24, 2009

34.  Red and Black Quilt Nov 1, 2009

35.  Mi Escuelita Nov 27, 2009

36.  One Row Scarf Dec 7, 2009

37.  Bento Box Quilt Nov, 2009

38.  Embroidered Sheet Set Dec 20, 2009

39.  The Genius’ Quilt Dec 21, 2009

40.  Crazy Quilt November 12, 2009

6 thoughts on “2009 Finished Projects

  1. I absolutely LOVE your sweater for your Hero! In fact, “My Hero” is such a great name for your DH that I think I’m going to borrow it and use it for my own hero. I must say you are extremely talented and you have a lovely family.

  2. It is mind-boggling to me how many things you have made this year!! Are you doing it every waking moment? Is this where the title to the blog comes in? ha! You are amazing! Glad you are on vacation and have to stop for even a few moments here and there. I am sooo impressed!

  3. I am in love with both your Trevi Shawl and your rag quilt. I just melt when I look at the color of your shawl. Your rag quilt is inspirational to get me back into quilting. Haven’t made a rag quilt since my last GS was born…too many years ago. I wouldn’t care which prize I win. I would appreciate either. Thanks for your inspirational sharing.

  4. I love reading your blog, it’s lots of fun. I am a quilter and a basic knitter so have to say that my favourite for this year is your Trevi Shawl with Waves of Alaska a close second.
    If I was to win a prize I would love the fabric cause I think that is a great range.
    Keep up the good work. They say the way to get something done is to ask a busy person and you sure get things done. Jeane

  5. Your fo’s are all so pretty it’s hard to pick just one, but you know (from Ravelry) that I Lurve your Waves of Alaska. As a matter of fact, I may just be casting on for my very own this weekend! I also sew a bit but would prefer yarn as a prize (if I were to be so lucky!).

  6. I am so amazed at how much you completed in a year as well as how beautiful everything is. Wow!

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