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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Little Things


I love little projects.  I don’t know why I don’t do them more often.  I love big, challenging projects, both in knitting and quilting.  But there’s something so satisfying about starting and finishing something in a just a few days.  For instance, I started the Spiral Cowl yesterday.

I’ll finish it tonight.  And the yarn…let me tell you about the yarn.  It’s Handmaiden Casbah, colorway Renaissance.  It’s so very soft.

I have a really ugly black coat, and I’m hoping the cowl is so gorgeous that nobody notices my ugly coat.  Oh, and the cowl will cover up my pajamas when I bring Kid 5 to school!  This really is an amazing piece of knitting!!!

I think Honey’s sweater is dry, so I’ll finish seaming it and have two FOs for you in the next few days.  I also put together a list (that I can’t find) of my finished objects for 2008.

I’m off to have coffee with my BFF.  We’re going to figure out how to be perfect wives and mothers.  Any suggestions?  We’re desperate open.


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8 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. Lovely!

    I bought that exact same colorway in a pre-Christmas sale in San Antonio in the Sea Silk.

    ; )

  2. Suggestion on being a ‘perfect’ mother
    –be a mother and not a best friend
    –make your own definition of the term and stick to it;for, teenagers have learned how to place guilt upon us all too well!

  3. Love the cowl…I just printed that pattern, too. Maybe I’ll get to it one of these days.

  4. The best suggestion I have for being the “perfect wife” is keep a sense of humor. I can’t really offer a suggestion on being the “perfect mother” for two-legged kids since all my kids are four=legged (but keeping a sense of humor is important for this role too).

    I’ve got to tell you that I have really enjoyed reading your blog. You really inspire me. When I’m having a blue day you cheer me up… and when I’m taking too long on a wip I think about you and get pick my needles back up.

  5. I love the colors! Your nail color to!

  6. I just started a cowl with Handmaiden Cabash too…it is dreamy to work with…but look at the funky “thing” mine started to do…it went from striping to pooling with no change in knit design…hmmm…

  7. I think the discussion on how to be perfect wife/mother should be done over a bottle of wine – not coffee 🙂 Let me know what you came up with and share with the rest of us struggling foes.

    I have some Casbah in my stash waiting to be knit with also. They’ll probably end up to be socks though. Your colorway is very pretty and I’m sure it’ll be the first thing people will see – not your coat.

  8. I certainly agree about the small projects! I am just finishing my second of two back to back shawls and am ready to tackle something smaller, like a cowl for my daughter-in-law, along with some slipper socks. Both promised projects when I ran out of time at Christmas. Then I think I’d like to whip up a truckload of preschool-sized mittens for my three youngest grandsquirts.

    I’ve raised my kids so I’ve given up on being a perfect mother and now am concentrating on being the world’s best Grandma. Wish me luck!

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