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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Just To Clarify


Pyzam Family Sticker Toy

Get your own Family Sticker Maker here.

Here’s a little visual to help you figure out our family.  There’s a typo, but I’d have to redo the whole thing to fix it.  So let’s just say I did it on purpose.    In future posts, I’ll spotlight each one and explain each nickname.

I promised to show you my latest new project.

It’s Hypoteneuse by Anne Hanson and I’m pretty sure it’s her fault I started it.  It’s a good thing Christina lives in Texas and I live in Minnesota, because I’m pretty sure we would get into a lot of trouble together.

The yarn is Handmaiden Silk Maiden and it’s heavenly.  I love working on it at night because the colors are much richer in that light.  I thought about photographing it with a glass of red wine, some chocolate, and a buch of raspberries, because that’s what it reminds me of.  It’s just so decadent!  And I can’t tell you what the colorway is because I bought it on ebay, and the color wasn’t labeled.

Here are a couple of new yarns that have made their way into my house.  I was going to swatch them last night, but I decided to be an adult and clean up this house.

This gorgeous pile of yarn is Twisted from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  The colorway is Spinel.  I didn’t capture the depth of color in this yarn.  It’s much deeper. The cute button came in my package.

I’ve just begun knitting more with Lorna’s Laces, and I think this yarn will seal the deal for me.  This is Shepherd Worsted weight, purchased at Jimmy Bean’s Wool.  The colorway is Roadside Gerry, in honor of Annie Modesitt’s husband, who is fighting a battle with multiple myeloma.  I met Annie and Gerry this summer when her family was vacationing at a nearby lake.  When I saw this colorway, I decided it needed to become a sweater, probably for me.  I won’t know until I swatch it and it talks to me.

But before I swatch, I’m trying to convince myself to finish my Must Have Cardi.  I’m pretty sure Discipline is a swear word.


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10 thoughts on “Just To Clarify

  1. I haven’t used Lorna’s Laces often, but when I have I’ve found it incredibly lovely – you have some beautiful new yarns there! Enjoy! Now, off to make a Family Sticker!

  2. Trouble and Texas do both start with a big “T”!

    I *love* the colors of your hypoteneuse! It’s beautiful.

    ; )

  3. Boy that Handmaiden sure has gorgeous coloring! Hypoteneuse is going to be beautiful – come on, you can finish “Must Have” – I’ve been truly enjoying mine for a few years – a great cardigan!!

  4. I’ve made two Hypoteneuses. Aren’t they wonderful?

  5. Love the family pictures! So cute. And those colors are so pretty!

  6. I like the new blog look. Have you been happy with WordPress? I really don’t like some things about Blogger, but think it would be a big hassle to change.

  7. I had fun with The Family link and added it to my blog. Thanks.

    I love the Swatch Me buttons. Great new yarn!

  8. Kay from the backyard asked about WordPress. I’m getting psyched up to start a blog and would appreciate input from bloggers about which blog server is best.

    I understand about the discipline thing. I MUST get this prayer shawl done. I really MUST!

  9. Love the Hypoteneuse! It’s gorgeous!

  10. I know you’re not into socks right now, but Anne Hanson has a sock pattern that coodinates with Hypoteneuse – it’s call Math Whiz Socks. I started on these socks but ended up frogging because it was too big. Will have to adjust for the gauge!

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