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Am I Too Old For This?


I started a scarf yesterday.   I may have mentioned (once or twice) that I received a box of yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  This is Peru in the Rosebud Colorway.  I’ts worsted weight, and the pattern is for fingering or DK yarn.  I cast on 56 stitches instead, and used size 6 and 9 needles.  You can find the pattern here.

Edit:  The link doesn’t work.  I tried to fix it.  Didn’t work!  It’s at

So, the question remains.  Am I too old to wear this scarf?  It kinda looks like something a 13 year old would wear.  But I love it.

I don’t have to make dinner tonight.  My girlfriend and I decided that we’re each going to cook for each other once a week.  That way we’re guaranteed two good meals a week.  I made enchiladas for them (and us) on Tuesday and they were awful.  I bought Cream of Mushroom soup insead of Cream of Chicken soup to mix with the sour cream.  Yuck!!!!   Next week I’m going to have to make it up to them.

Today is 10 Load Laundry day!!!!  I’m going to dig out my sewing room between loads.

So I’ll leave you with one more photo of the teeny bopper scarf.  Oh, in case you were wondering, I’m 45 years old.

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19 thoughts on “Am I Too Old For This?

  1. I’d wear it, and I’m 46.

  2. I’d wear it too and I’m 41 with a 20 year old daughter 🙂

  3. In no way are you too old for that scarf! I am 48 – I’d wear it. It’s really pretty.

  4. Not at all Ma’am! Wear it with sass and you will work it well!

  5. Whether you can wear it depends ENTIRELY on what you wear it WITH. For example… mint green? ew! no way…
    But other colors look classy and sassy with soft pink.
    Go for it!

  6. Hmmm… I wouldn’t wear it because I have a fear of all things pink and ruffly (leftover from my childhood tomboy years). BUT, I think that it’s a wonderful looking scarf and would love it on anyone else… besides me. Srsly.

    Besides, I just bought yarn for a Febrary Lady sweater after agonizing over my age (43) and the design for ages. You knit the scarf, and I’ll knit the sweater… and we just won’t care about the rest of the world. Besides, you have dinner coming tonight! 🙂

  7. BTW – I love that pattern!

  8. No. Not too old. Never too old. Mustn’t say that sort of thing. (I sound like my mother now.)

    I made that pattern, too. I have a biological granddaughter in college. That’s not a non sequitur. 🙂

  9. What happened to my daughter that wouldn’t wear pink?

  10. There’s no way you’re too old to wear that. Very pretty (but not girly) pattern. I don’t think there should be an age limit on pretty unless it involves a lot of glitter and Disney Princesses.

  11. Pink can also look sophisticated, and I think that’s the look this scarf would give you. If you like the color, then go for it! If not, then you have some daughters that would be happy to wear it?
    So sorry to hear about your meal-gone-bad. I hate when something you’ve put time & effort into doesn’t turn out. Food-wise and knit-wise.

    Good luck with that laundry….

  12. Wear the scarf and enjoy it — it’s lovely. I like Chris’ comment that says, “wear it with sass.” Go for it!

  13. I would totally wear that! But, I am so much younger than you (wink) (41)!

  14. I’ve been wanting to make this same scarf for a couple of months now. I’m 40. We can SO wear that scarf!!!

  15. I’d wear it and you know how old I am. It matches my white and pink columbia jacket. I also have a 48 year old friend that bought (and lost) a pink scarf after Christmas. Is there a rule about color and age? I forgot to take that class.

  16. You are not too old for it! I have it in my que and I am 2 years older! So there! lol

  17. If you love it, wear it! It looks like very nice yarn and you knit beautifully – go for it!

  18. If it makes you happy, wear it!! It is nothing like when people wear their skirts too short or tight for their age! Or other very scary things one often sees.

  19. I love this scarf! never too old for pink! 🙂

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