Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

You Know It’s Cold When…


…you see numbers like this.

…even your dog is wearing a parka.

…they cancel school.  (They never cancel school in Minnesota for cold.  Just snow!)


…this is the inside of your sliding door.


And the number one way you know it’s cold is that all I want to do is knit!

Wait!  That’s what I want to do every day!

Must. Go. Knit.


Author: mariajhmom

I'm a wife, mom, quilter, knitter, and spinner. I blog at

10 thoughts on “You Know It’s Cold When…

  1. I’m sitting huddled on the sofa with my electric room heater about one foot in front of me, pointed on me so I can warm up…….are you ready for this? It’s 41 degrees outside! I thought that was cold until I read your post, I’ll stop whining now and bask in the “heat wave” I have compared to you. I can’t even imagine your type of cold so I’m sending warm thoughts and hopefully warmer air your direction. Love the dog photo!

  2. That poor dog…will he use a litter box? He can’t mess more than my cat, she’s like having a horse in the house. Drives us right out of the spare bathroom where her box lives. NASTY!:)

  3. I am also sending warm thoughts.

    As an addition to you know that it is cold when…I read in some locations of Europe that people were reminded to take out earrings and other body jewelry because the metal was dangerous in such severe cold. Your temperature is approaching those European temps.. That could be a reason to suggest to younguns to convince them they really don’t want body jewelry.

  4. School closed here too….
    and again tomorrow…
    and Monday (for other reasons).
    So much for ending school “on time”

  5. Wow! That is just too cold! Our lows are to be in the 20’s tomorrow and I’m already freezing!

    I’m sure the dog hates to go outside but I must say the parka is adorable!

  6. You almost messed me up for a minute there because I always want to knit and it’s just a bit (cough) warmer where I am. That said… WOW! Just Wow! Next time you shiver, think of me, okay?

  7. That patio door looks mighty familiar. Mine will ice up and make a deep puddle in the track which then freezes, sticking the door shut. Then when it thaws the water warps the door frame and leaves spots of mold. Fun times!!

  8. I hear ya! Us Wisconsin-ites are feeling the brunt of this also. Good to know it’s on it’s way out and tonight we’ll be expecting…. MORE SNOW~ can’t win. I’m with you on the knitting obsession – I can’t wait to leave the office, don on my snugglies and knit-away.
    Your dog reminds me of the little guy in A Christmas Story who can’t move once his mom puts all his winter clothing on 🙂
    The last photo of the pretty yarn looks very nice – what is it? I’ll stay tuned…

  9. I don’t even know how to comprehend -26 degrees. We shut down Austin at the first sign of ice. Believe me… it’s a good idea since we don’t know how to drive on ice. I have a 95 year old aunt who lives in Minneapolis and I hope all y’all stay safe and sound inside somewhere it is warm. sound.

  10. They cancelled school here, too! Not as cold, but then we are wimpier.

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