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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Party Central


Whew!  We did it.  Two birthdays on the same day!

We started Friday night with both girls having sleepovers.  We had a High School Musical cake!!!  Here’s Ms. In Charge; now a ten year old!

Today we went to church, opened gifts, and I took a nap.  I’m getting too old to celebrate this much.  The birthday dinner request was steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans.  Yum!  I guess that’s why we had all these kids.  Good birthday dinners!

Then…..banana cream pie.  That was Superblonde’s request for her 15th birthday!

But first, a little chaser of whipping cream.

It was My Hero’s idea!

Here’s the recipe.  It was really good!

Oh, I almost forgot.  In the midst of all the napping and partying, I photographed Hypotenuse!

It’s wonderfully soft and drapes beautifully.  I love all of the Handmaiden yarn, but this Silk Maiden was really fun to knit with!  Here’s one more shot, before I move on.

There’s been a lot of knitting going on this weekend, in spite of all the partying.  I haven’t had a cold in years, but I think there’s an elephant sitting on my chest.  I told My Hero that I’m not trying to be self centered or anything, but breathing is my first priority.  So, in order to not stress my poor lungs too much, I put in a lot of knitting time.

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait to see what I’ve been working on, because I have to sit and try to breathe, and I also need to digest that banana cream pie!


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3 thoughts on “Party Central

  1. Gawgeous!! I hope you feel better soon!!

  2. In time your two daughters will hopefully realize how lucky they are to share this birth day. My middle daughter and my niece share the same birthday two years apart. It’s easier I think being cousins, not sister’s but I understand just the same. Colds are horrible, I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Are you just knitting things from my Queue or what?
    Oyster bay is on the list, with a thousand other things..
    But Must Have is ON THE NEEDLES…
    and Madli’ will be wound this afternoon….

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