Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Brought To You By The Color Blue


If startitis was a fatal disease, I’d be toast.  I could just sit around and knit 10 rows of about a dozen different yarns right now!  I’d just like to inform you that I’m sort of restraining myself.

First off, for your viewing pleasure, is the Oyster Bay shawl by Oceanwind knits.

Of course the lace still looks like a blob with holes, but it’s showing promise.  The yarn is Geisha, from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  The colorway is Bella Coola.  I think I’m going to love it.  Unfortunately, I can’t work on it right now because my whole head is swimming in snot.  I haven’t had a cold in three years, and I’m pretty sure I’m dying.  Just kidding!  I know I’m alive because the kids voices are echoing in my head!

Do you remember this?

I frogged it.  The yarn and pattern are wonderful, but over Christmas The Genius found a polite way to tell me that all that ribbing wasn’t going to work with my body.  She was right, and I knew it, but that cable….

So I started this…

It’s Amelia.  It’s also from Blue Moon Fiber Arts,  Socks That Rock Heavyweight.  I’ve knit a ton in the last few days.  That’s the only good thing about having a nasty cold.  I knit through the misery.

There’s also some entrelac going on, but its future is uncertain.  I haven’t made an executive decision.

I must go order Chinese Food and send My Hero to buy me drugs.  Then I will knit more.

Oh, and this comment is from Zelda, one of my trusty readers.  It cracked me up!

“Hope you enjoy my New Year’s present to you: Supreme Power to use Exclamation Points in Multiples! You are the only one that does it and still charms me every time.”

Knit on, people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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8 thoughts on “Brought To You By The Color Blue

  1. I too am suffering from this same affliction I have no less then 7 wip at the moment and I swatched for another this afternoon. But as far as I concerned its ME-uary and I can knit what I want, and my hands are so happy with all the tactile stimulation, I have to go look up the shawl you are knitting since I adore shawls!

  2. The cabled sweater you frogged was gorgeous – what pattern was it? And you’re right, if you’re not going to be happy wearing it, then all that work was for naught.

    Ha~! You’re the 2nd blog I’ve read that is doing Amelia! Here’s the other one

    It looks like a really nice pattern – can’t wait to see yours also.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Love that Amelia, beautiful! Get better soon – I hate being sick. :o)

  4. I love the colors in Oyster Bay…so appropriate! Feel better soon!!!!!!! 😀

  5. mmmm, I really like Amelia. Your color choices of late tell me you are craving a Caribbean vacation. Are you going to tell Your Hero, or should I? (Look- I got the name right!!!)

  6. Love the blue!!!!!! Love the punctuation!!!!! (hate those darn colds)

  7. Where do you get the energy to knit so much at the same time???? (And, no, you are not the only one to use multiple punctuation marks…) You have a head cold and have frogged and knit and knit and frogged and who knows what else?

    You are an inspiration!!

  8. hopw you are feeling better very soon, worrying about you !

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