Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn



Here’s my latest mess of yarn.  This is what I’ve knit on the last few days.

See the orange tweed at the bottom of the photo?  That’s a test knit for Susan Pandorf.  It will get its own reveal in a few days.  Susan designs the most gorgeous things, and this project is no exception.

The bright green is another Gathered Scarf.  It’s for Ms In Charge.  The other half of the scarf will be hot pink to match her new coat.

The aqua is Amelia.  I’m knitting the body in one piece and I’m nearing the armholes.

The cone of white yarn is Madli’s Shawl.  If you look closely, you’ll see beads too.  I’ve only done about the first ten rows of this.  I’m knitting this project and the Must Have Cardi with Helen.

The orange at the top is my Must Have Cardi.  I said I’m knitting it with Helen, and that’s partly true.  I started mine in January of last year.  Helen started hers last weekend.  She’ll probably have hers done by the time I start the sleeves!

I’m knitting the body in one piece.  I’ve put the fronts on another needle, and I think I’m pretty close to being finished with the back.  I worked on it last night and had to fix the center cables twice.  They’re not that hard!!!  You just move the knit stitches in one stitch on every right side row.  Somehow, I forgot, twice!!!  I fixed my mistakes, twice!!!  Then I went to sleep.  I think this is going to be my project for the rest of this week and this weekend.  It’s cold here and I could be wearing this.

My house looks kind of like that bowl…lots of unmatched stuff all over.  There’s yarn all over the bedroom.  That’s Helen’s fault.  We decided that we should knit Madli’s Shawl together, but I wanted beads in mine.  What followed was an avalanche of yarn and beads.  And after all that digging, what did I choose?  White!  Oh, and in the middle of that, I ordered more beads, which I’m not using!  Thank’s Helen!!!

And the laundry room….I should have named the blog “Crazy Laundry Lady Knits”.  I’ve already posted painful laundry room photos twice!  Use your imagination.

Time to go study the Civil War and multiplication tables with Ms. In Charge.  If she sleeps on flash cards, will she absorb 8 x 7?


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10 thoughts on “Messy

  1. I’m doing Madli’s shawl also in knitpicks lace gloss…no beads though…I’m tackling the nupps…back to homeschool…even with the snow day the public kids got…Yikes!

  2. I love pile-o-WIP posts – and this pile is bright and beautiful! I think Madli’s Shawl is one of the very prettiest shawls there is – and your orange Must Have Cardi is so so lovely (so smart knitting the body in 1 piece – wish I had done that!)

  3. It always makes me feel better to see all your works in progress…I don’t feel so alone with my own “mess”.

  4. There may be more than a few, but they sure are all beautiful! 😮

  5. My daughter did something with her fingers to learn multiplication tables. Maybe this:

  6. Your knitting is beautiful and I love the way it looks all together on your table!

  7. Are those lots and lots of bobbles in the pattern? I want to make that style of sweater, but I really, really don’t like making bobbles. Just wondering.

  8. What an angel Helen is to knit you something so beautiful with the expectation of nothing in return. She must know (as we all do) from reading your blog, that you do so much for your family that you deserve something special. Obviously she’s very in-tuned with the subtlties of your nailpolish, lipstick and the mannequin’s hat to know what color you’d like.

    I think Helen would enjoy a day a spa where she lives. Anyone who puts that much effort and thought into a gift deserves to get pampered.

    You’re very brave to model your “day-wear”. I had to laugh.

  9. M-
    take Helen on one of your excursions in the big RV – a weekend of knitting or quilting, or whatever you think will be excellent – take good food and laughter and share your friendship. And, could I come too?

  10. Where did you get the orange yarn….and what is it? I love it (and what you are doing with it).

    Isn’t Caricia pretty…when I saw the photos on Anne’s website I was in awe…it just looks so different once blocked….can’t wait to see yours!

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