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I Still Know How!


I still know how to clean and I still know how to sew!

The sewing room, while not perfect, is good enough for me to sew in.  And sew I did, until 2 AM.  Another hour this morning and I had this!

This is Thelma’s Day out from the unbelievably talented Janelle Wind.  From the day Janelle released the pattern I’ve been wanting to make one.  Like most of the Australian designers, it’s not always the easiest to find the patterns here in the U.S.  Last week Janelle did an update and mentioned that the pattern  is available at Shabby Fabrics.  I’ve been buying fabric and kits from Jennifer since the days of her eBay store.  She has amazing customer service.  I ordered some patterns late Wednesday afternoon, and I had my order in my hands on Friday.  (That’s what finally forced me to clean my sewing room.)

There was not a belt buckle to be had at our JoAnn Fabrics.  I think this button works pretty well though.  The fabric is odds and ends from my stash.  I bought the hawaiian floral in Maui several years ago.  It was going to be cloth napkins.  Oh, well.

You want to see the inside?

I decided it needed a little splash of color.  I also added a pocket for my cell phone and lipstick.

Next up is the pile of partially finished quilts that are still lying on my sewing room floor.

And lest you think I’ve abandoned my knitting, I’ve done 10 repeats of Caricia.  I also dug out an old WIP.  I’ll bet you can’t guess what it is.


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10 thoughts on “I Still Know How!

  1. I hope it’s the damask Kauni! I love that sweater!

  2. Yes, that awesome bag is well worth clearing a path to your Bernina. I love the print, the style and the spash of color.

  3. I LOVE the bag. Wow. The button is perfect and the orange really sets off the bag. I may have to make one!

  4. How do you DO that???!! Love the shock of orange inside. I’m going to guess you’ve pulled out the Must-Have, since I’m repressing the urge to cast on for that myself…

  5. Great bag! Love the orange pop. Found you from Debbie. Can’t wait to get to know your crafting.

  6. what a great eye you have for beauty and color – I LOVE this bag and that gorgeous bright quilt up above – you are certainly inspiring Maria!!

  7. Love the orange lining, it really pops. And I HOPE you are getting back to your Damask Kauni, I really want to see that sweater finished. It is how I found your blog in the first place.

  8. I really like the shape of your purse. You did a nice job of it.

  9. Mommy,
    I do believe I was at one time supposed to be a recipient of a bag… Hint Hint Hint
    The Genius

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