Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn



6 Hours By Myself + Sewing Room + A Pan of Brownies = Bliss

Ms In Charge spent the day helping out at a local pre-school.  All 5 of our kids went there and the teacher is a quilting friend!  Ms In Charge had a blast and as you can see, so did I!

The pattern is Sweet Tart by the ever talented Camille.   I started with 7 fat quarters of Farmer’s Market by Sandi Henderson of Porabellopixie.  After re-reading the instructions, I went stash diving for more fabric.  I opened my Moda cupboard and added a few Woodland Blooms, one Quilt Pink fabric, and a Max and Nobie Christmas print, which I used for the sashing and border.  After only about 5 hours, this is what I had.

I decided I would hand buttonhole the applique.  I’m not quite done, and I’m over that urge already.  There’s a reason I usually machine buttonhole applique.  Time.

There’s no question  that the handwork really does add another dimension.  It will be worth it!

And after school, kid stuff, dinner, and lots of noisy banter, I ended my day with this.

Caricia is growing.  I considered trying to finish it for a special banquet on Valentine’s Day.  I’ve been doing a repeat a day, but they’re getting realllllllllly long.  I also have quite a bit of yarn left, and I want this thing luxuriously large, so I’ve convinced myself not to rush it.

So today is back to reality and doing all the things I should have been doing yesterday.  Oh, but it was worth it!


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10 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. What a wonderful day. The projects are scrumptious!

  2. What a super cute quilt! I love it! You’re making some really progress with the knitting!

  3. That is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!

  4. That is really really pretty! and FUN!
    I am glad you got a day to yourself!

  5. The handwork really is beautiful. The whole quilt is beautiful!

  6. Wow, you made a quilt top and a dog in 5 hours!!!! You are good. What kind of fur did you use?

  7. Really Pretty! I just ordered my Soiree fabric so I can have a play day too.

  8. Wow! That quilt is beautiful. I love Camille’s design, they are never very intricate but have something to them that makes them so special. Brownies, did you say brownies? I will be right over.

  9. omg, the quilt is SO cool and cheerful! i’m not a quilter so it’s terribly impressive.
    and caricia is looking good; i just love it in that colorway!

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