Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Love Is In The Air


Would you like to see the blob of yarn?

If you’re very observant, you’ll notice that the sun is shining here in Minnesota!!!

But that’s not the best part of the day.  This is!

Caricia is finished and blocking.  I guess I’m going to wear it for Valentine’s Day after all!

It’s blocking on two white towels and one black towel.  Hence the photographic variety.

Something tells me I’m going to love it!


Author: mariajhmom

I'm a wife, mom, quilter, knitter, and spinner. I blog at

13 thoughts on “Love Is In The Air

  1. You knit yourself a zillion baskets of pretty posies for V-Day. Sweet! Enjoy!

  2. WOW!! wow, wow, wow.
    now don’t go wearing anything else with it, k?

  3. Absolutely lovely. Looking forward to the final shots.

  4. It’s more gorgeous than imagined. It will go with so many classic pieces to become spectacular. Your Hero will be so proud.

  5. Holey smokes Maria – that shawl is *gorgeous*!

    The Sangria colorway is just so good with that pattern, and you’ve done a smashing job!

  6. Gorgeous!! You’ll going to look fabulous wearing that on valentine’s day!! Happy heart day!

  7. So beautiful!! Perfect for Valentine’s Day! 🙂

  8. Something tells you you’re going to love it? I’ll tell you you’re going to love it! It’s beautiful!

  9. Perfect timing, too! Lovely color.

  10. Gorgeous and an inspiration! It is going in my queue for sure.

  11. again with the gorgeous! sheesh!

    oh, btw, I’ve gone and nominated you for an award. Just thought you should know. Now you HAVE to read my blog to find out about it. (I’m such the brat).

  12. Okay, so your Live Traffic Feed (which in and of itself is an incredibly interesting read) has caught me arriving a number of times to see if you had put up a photo shoot with you and your Caricia…just hoping…

    It’s absolutely lovely and I bet you look terrific in it…now departing…


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