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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Valentine’s Day 2009


Caricia had the opportunity to go to college on Valentine’s Day.  We spent the day with The Genius!

It was an unbelievable day.

Look at that glorious yarn!  It’s Handmaiden Casbah, colorway Sangria.

I have two Heroes in my life.  One is my husband.  The other has been in my life since I was 18 years old.  I got to say “thank you” after all these years.

It was a never to be forgotten Valentine’s Day!


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12 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day 2009

  1. You are gorgeous!

    Those are great pictures.

    Is that Oral Roberts University?

  2. What a priviledge to meet with Oral Roberts! Although I’ve never been on the campus of ORU per se, I’ve driven by on the interstate a number of times. And watch Richard frequently.

    A memorable Valentine’s Day, indeed! So glad you shared a couple of the pictures.

  3. oh that looks wonderful on you! thank you for showcasing this knit so beautifully!

  4. what a wonderful memorable day, I am so happy for you!

  5. Gorgeous shawl for what looks like a spectacular day!

  6. What a beautiful shawl and what a beautiful lady wearing it! 🙂

    Glad your day was stellar.

  7. The shawl is gorgeous (as are you) and perfect for Valentines Day!

  8. The shawl looks gorgeous with your denim outfit!

  9. The shawl looks beautiful in the sunshine. You did a wonderful job and it looks awesome on you! Glad we finally get to see all of you, and not in your jammies!

  10. Your Caracia is beautiful. You are so lucky you can wear those really rich reds. You look great. Happy Valentine’s Day late.

  11. OH, It’s just gorgeous! And you look great too. How many skeins of Casbah did you use?

  12. I already commented on Flickr — but have to echo others here: the shawl and the coloring is so lovely on you!

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