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The Damask Kauni Craze


Here’s what I’ve been working on.

I finished the other half of the collar, and started on the first sleeve.  That gave me a lot of time to think about why I’m procrastinating on finishing my Damask Kauni.  You know why?

Because it’s not going to fit!!! It’s that simple.  But I have to finish it.  This sweater is what started the Damask Kauni craze.  And besides, I have another Kauni idea, dang it.

So instead of knitting, we played tourist today.  We went shopping and did our share to stimulate the economy.

We walked on Coco Beach.  Not for long though because it started to rain.

We drooled over this little boat.

And look who was getting into trouble!

Tomorrow is our last day to goof off in Orlando.  I wonder if we can find something to do ?!?

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10 thoughts on “The Damask Kauni Craze

  1. I don’t suppose it would fit me???
    [evil grin]
    Just as well… the golden collar which looks so good on it would make me look like thawed death.

  2. That sweater is gorgeous!!!!! I bet it would fit one of your girls.

  3. Man, that collar took some kind of work!

  4. It is pretty enough to be decoration on your mannequin!

  5. This sweater is absolutely gorgeous. You have got to be the fastest knitter on the planet!! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and can’t believe the knitting you churn out! I have 5 children too and just learned to knit. And you know what I have to show for it? Three lousy dishcloths (you can see them on my blog . . . smile!)

  6. If you have time, there is a town nearby called Winter Park that has the most wonderful Tiffany glass museum. I didn’t think I liked stained glass until I walked into this place. Unreal! And the story behind the collection is very interesting, too. Hope you can hop in the car and go there. Shopping in town is good, as well. There is a knit store–or there was a few years ago.
    Mary Lou

  7. A reply from a friend when I sent her a link to your site.

    That woman is living inside my mind! I bought the Frog Tree Meriboo for the Just Enough Ruffles Scarf. I have been contemplating the Gathered Scarf, but decided against it and am chomping at the bit to buy Caricia (and you know I just bought that Casbah)……hook me up with this woman, she is my yarn twin separated at birth! She just needs to be working on a psuedo Noro scarf and I am totally spooked out.

    Great blog, thanks for directing me to it, Chris.

    Thought you might enjoy it.

  8. If it’s too big just wrap it around with one of those big, wide belts that are in style now or one of your daughters could do the same thing. If you give it to someone only give it to someone who realizes it’s a work of art. If not just throw it over the back of a chair or your couch or as someone already mentioned your mannequin to display it. Dare I suggest, and this is probably completely out of the question, you could steek it at the side seems. You could knit two wedge shaped pieces as gussets to insert on either side. Like I said- probably an insane idea.

  9. Well, I can understand your procrastination on finishing, but I’m sure the sweater will fit someone! 🙂

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