Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn







Author: mariajhmom

I'm a wife, mom, quilter, knitter, and spinner. I blog at

7 thoughts on “Yes!!!

  1. Very pretty squares…..very pretty snow. I guess you don’t want me to tell you that it is 63 degrees today and that we have had no snow at all this winter. LOL
    I love the quilt that you made yesterday also, you have been really busy.

  2. So glad you made it back, albeit, to crappy weather. I love the knitting collection a few posts down. The kauni looks terrific. Isn’t it a b*tch to knit something you cannot wear? I know, believe me, I know.

  3. Maria, I just enjoy your blog so much. You were the first to show me Moda; now my daughter and I can’t get enough of it. She’s a new quilter and keeps buying new rolls and charm packs. I bought her Jelly Roll Quilts for Valentines Day and she’s already half done with a lovely quilt from that book. I think united notions owes you.

    And what is the line of beautiful fabrics you’re contemplating today? We’re anticipating snow/sleet here in Omaha and I am frankly looking forward to it. Let’s hear it for staying indoors and sewing on a snowy day!

  4. Do you ever sell your quilts? your fabric choices are just phenomenal and your craftsmanship perfection.

    Have you knit Laminaria? i think it would be a shawl you would truly enjoy!! I will someday start another one, I enjoyed it that much!!

  5. Snowing here too-there was a horrible wreck on the Interstate-they’re not sure if the woman is going to make it. I’m sewing and knitting to beat the winter, too!

  6. Both your inside and your outside are beautiful!

  7. I love that! So many times I have wanted to take the same pictures, but for some reason my snow shots just don’t turn out well…please tell me you have a nice fire going too!

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