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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Am I a Knitter or a Quilter?


I can never decide.  Our quilt group renamed ourselves The QuiKnitters, after part of our group defected to knitting.  I love both, and don’t ask me to choose between them.

Anyway, the QuiKnitters got together on Friday, and I got a little further on my very fun quilt.

Hopefully, I’ll get the scrappy borders put on it tonight.  Or not!  We’ll see.  There’s a new book called Material Obsession.    Kathy and Sarah own a quilt shop in Sydney, Australia.  I love their stuff.  If you’ve ever quilted in your life, go buy that book.  It’s amazing!!!  If you haven’t quilted, buy the book anyway.  It will make you want to start!

I spent a ton of time knitting this weekend.  The cold I never quite shook decided to return.  It wasn’t bad enough that I though I was going to die.  It was just bad enough that all I felt like doing was sitting on my rear knitting!  Darn!

The first half of Cluaranach is finished and on a spare needle.

I’ve cast on for the second half and I’m almost through one of the three repeats of the first chart.

I’m really enjoying this project, but it may have been derailed by not one, but two major projects.  Yes, that’s right folks.  I started two moron projects this weekend.  I’m keeping one under wraps for the moment, but I can show you the yarn for the other one.

Do you see a problem with a stranded project that uses 7 skeins of sock yarn on size 1 needles?  What is wrong with me???

What’s up this week?

~I’m having my gray hair covered.  How can that take so long?  And only last 5 weeks?

~Super Blonde is starting Drivers Ed.  Please pray for extra guardian angels for her!  I told her it’s impossible to drive and spaz at the same time.

~I’m making pork tenderloin and sweet potatoes with chipotle cream sauce for dinner.

~I aso got a yummy recipe at QuiKnitting for a Sausage Tortellini soup.  I’m going to make that some night.

~I have get to make 4 poodle skirts for an upcoming pops concert at Super Blonde’s school.

~I’m going to try a recipe for granola bars for Frankie to take to school.  There’s a little boy in his class with a peanut allergy.  Most granola bars have peanut flour in them.

~And of course there’s the usual home schooling, laundry, and demolition control that is the highlight of my week!!!

I’ll be back soon with more moron projects!


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13 thoughts on “Am I a Knitter or a Quilter?

  1. You are a quilter AND a knitter, but certainly not a Quitter. What energy!

  2. Oh, I love your Cluaranach! That’s high on my list of things I want to knit.

  3. I think I had that cold…I waffled back and forth between feeling ok and feeling bad for about 2 weeks. Then the 3rd week was an attempt to get rid of the resulting sinus infection. And the whole time I never felt bad enough to take a day off work. But I didn’t feel good either!

    I love the fact that you quilt too, it is one of the things that always brings me back for more!

  4. I used to send Maria patterns that were so hard that “only a moron would attempt that”.
    My definition of a moron project is one that is straight garter stitch.

  5. Wow. That is gorgeous!

    I have only done the scarf version of that pattern. I may have to make the stole now.

    : )

  6. The Cluaranach is beautiful- but huge! How can that only be half? And as far as ‘the sock yarn in 7 colors on size 1’s’ insanity? Let your freak flag fly! I’m impressed that you can even consider such a project.You crazy girl, you!

  7. About half the people at my quilt club are knitters. To me, it’s easier to take a knitting project to meetings than my quilting!

  8. beautiful shawl, beautiful yarn. Full week for you — phew! I’m still plugging on my sewing room, but going through it “thing by thing” so it will eventually get done.
    PS I also quilt, which means 1/2 the closet is full of quilting fabric in tubs. Those won’t get disturbed for a while, but I do need to find the cord to my sewing machine — I hope it didn’t get thrown out in packing paper!!

  9. That is a fabulous quilt! I move between quilting and knitting too; no problems there. I just love it all.

  10. Nothing is wrong with you. You are perfectly sane!
    (Said by a knitter currently swatching on size 0 needles for a sweater… but at least mine isn´t stranded)

  11. Love Material Obsession! I know Sarah, one of the owners and authors of Material Obsession, and her husband Damian. Damian is actually the one that came up with our Moda Fabricmatcher website. If you haven’t been on this site, you must check it out… Very addicting. 😉 Love your quilt that you made from their book… beautiful choice of fabrics! Some of their patterns from the book are actually featured on our Fabricmatcher website that you can play and see what the quilt will look like before actually making it.

  12. You are an inspiration. As moms we don’t hear that enough. I love your quilts!! I am not and don’t plan to start quilting (I am a garment sewer) but really admire your eye for putting fabrics together. Thank you for the pictures and ideas on all things yummy for the eye, touch and tummy!!!

  13. I love love LOVE the quilt! Sigh…I think I might marry it. Okay, that might be a little too far but i do really like it.

    I know I get a little more sleep than you but not too much more! Furthermore, my house is not perfect! But yes, you can come over. We should do another quilt day so I can actually sew. 🙂

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