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I’m Gonna Wash That Gray…


…right outa my hair.

I have a problem.  My hair is gray.  Really gray.  I’m so tired of the maintenance of covering that gray stripe.  I’d let it go gray, but I have an 8 year old son.  I don’t want people asking if I’m his grandma.  So I had this brilliant idea.  Have you ever watched Stacy Clinton on What Not To Wear?  She has one cute gray stripe, and the rest is dark.  Check it out!

I decided I want a gray stripe so I can look just like her.  (We won’t talk about the age and weight difference!)

Here’s the problem.  You can’t just strip dark color out of hair.  I have to grow it out.  So, while it’s growing out, I decided to have some fun.

Mom, you might want to sit down.  Here’s a peek!

It was supposed to be red.  It’s hot pink!

Do you like my monovision contacts?  I have that problem too.  I’m legally blind and I need reading glasses!

Would ya look at the wrinkles on that forehead???

Now I just need to have my nose pierced.  I want a tiny little diamond!

Just Kidding, Mom!!!

I love being middle aged!  Actually, I really do.


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21 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Wash That Gray…

  1. I love the red stripe! Very cool. I wanna do that now. I don’t have a problem being called Grandma (even though I’m in that age group)–I have a problem with people remembering me. I frequent the same shops and places I have for nineteen years, yet no one EVER remembers my face. If my husband is with me, they remember him–but by myself, it’s like they’ve never seen me before in their lives, even though I’ve been talking to them for nineteen years. I feel invisible. If I had a red or blue stripe–and a nose ring–and maybe a tatoo of a giant octopus–maybe they’d remember me?

  2. Live dangerously…I’ve been thinking of getting out of my very conservative comfort zone for a little bit lately….I’ve never dyed my hair or had anything of a faddish nature…but being in my forties seems to be time for liberation….I just started wearing make up in the last 6 months….maybe I should go for green…after all it is my favorite color. Hehehe! You Go Girl!

  3. I think you hair looks great! I wish I had the nerve to do something like that.

  4. Hey…that red stripe was my plan in July! I promised my kids I wouldn’t do that until they were off in college…but I planned to do it in July so I would have “awesome” hair when we drive them too college…LOL!

    I LOVE IT! Maybe we can start the “red hair streak” society.

  5. That is awesome! Did you do it yourself? :o)

  6. How cool are you! You give me hope. I may do something like this. someday.

  7. I absolutely LOVE it!! I have similar red in my hair all the time, only my slices are smaller cause my hair is long. I think your brown may be a bit lighter than mine, but either way I say go for it and have fun!! It’s only color and it’s sassy as heck!

  8. I am with you about the gray hair maintenance. Had my hair colored last Tuesday and Monday morning I could see the gray roots already. Ugh! My question is how do you keep the gray from getting color from the rest of your hair? Love the bold red!

  9. Oh my Gosh!

  10. You are so fun… and a great inspiration! 🙂

  11. My #3 says it sure makes you look young! Now I look like the older sister and they think I should do it too!

  12. You are a brave soul. I went gray and let my hair grow past my shoulders. I just have to pay attention so that I don’t start looking like the crazy cat lady. Slap me when I start wearing baggy overalls with rubber boots.

  13. Good for you! I celebrated my 50th bday just a few months ago and really thought about doing something y’know, a little different in commeration. Chickened out. Now maybe I will think about it again…

  14. You aren’t planning a tattoo are you? How about you Shannon?

  15. LOVE IT!! You are so cool!!
    I have a natural white streak on the right side that looks great when I pull my hair back – My daughter is a hairdresser and I let her do what she wants with my hair, but I won’t let her touch that streak!

  16. I think it looks fantastic! What color are you going for next?! ‘Cux there just has to be a next time! I wish I had a hairstyle that would work with a stripe as if it did, I just might join you!

  17. I love your hair. You look HOT!

  18. I can totally relate to your dilemma. I, too, have an 8 year old (and 19 and 16 year old). I was called the grandma once this summer and once this fall by children of about 4 years of age. So I took the plunge and have been coloring my hair. What a maintenance nightmare! Oh well, c’est la vie! By the way, love your knitting and your blog.

  19. You shocked me right off the couch! What did your kids say??? What a riot! You are a classic!

  20. I have this stuff on my counter that purports to remove all hair color … like the dark stuff that you don’t want to wait to grow out….
    I keep thinking I’ll take the dye out of my hair to see just how gray it really is…

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