Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Oh, The Possibilities!


I love winding yarn and dreaming about new projects.  Take a look at this!

Within that pile of yarn is the promise of seven projects.  One skein will finish the stealth project.  There’s a skein that should be enough to finish Cluaranach.  Anne Hanson just published Maplewing.  I may have to start that.  There are a couple more projects there too.  I talked a bit about the Swedish Heartwarmer Shawl a few days ago.  That project has purple, red, teal, and gold in it.  All the other projects I chose are one of those colors.  I didn’t do it on purpose either.

I showed my pile of yarn to My Hero tonight and said, “Doesn’t this just make you smile?”  He smiled and agreed.  Wise man!

We leave tomorrow to go skiing in Montana.  The kids are just wired!  We’re going with three of my cousins and their families.  There will be 20 of us in all!!!  I have a bunch of amazing cousins, and I feel so blessed to be able to spend time with some of them.  I’m the head cook, but I’ve warned everyone that I don’t do dishes.  That’s what we have 14 kids along for!!!

I’m mostly packed.  I need to go over our menu and make my grocery list.  I’ll pull spices and small things to take along.  I need to clean up the guest room for someone who is staying here while we’re gone.  And remember those poodle skirts?  They’re not finished.  I may work on those for a while.  I have some time after we get home, but I don’t want them hanging over my head. It’s only a little after midnight.  I have plenty of time!

See you in Montana!

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6 thoughts on “Oh, The Possibilities!

  1. Oh, there’s nothing as full of potential to me as a pile of yarn! :o) Have fun skiing!

  2. Look at all those pretty colors together like that! Have fun cooking- I mean skiing!

  3. Knitting by a glowing fire with bread in the oven and soup on the stove, watching all the rest tumble over their ski toes….have a great time! Oh the possibilities of those yarn cakes!

  4. ooooh — remind us of the names and brands of the yarns!
    Have a good time in the snow — hope you have a dishwasher LOL with that crowd!!

  5. Where are you skiing? I live close to both Bridger Bowl and Big Sky Ski Resort. It’s turned balmy so you can ski without losing your fingers and toes, so have a great time. Who knew Spring Break would have such good skiing?

  6. I love cakes of yarn! They always look fantastic!

    Enjoy your trip! Are you taking all the yarn with you?

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