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Behind the Scarlet Moth


First of all, I don’t think I included a photo the other day of how huge that Moth is.  I also wasn’t very clear on the fact that it’s square.  This photo is on a king size bed.

It’s 78 inches across!

I ordered my Yowza yarn in January, thinking I wanted to knit a blanket.  On March 1st, and I don’t have any idea why, I decided I wanted to start the blanket.  I spent a bunch of time on Ravelry, trying to decided if I wanted round or square.  I narrowed it down to square.  It still took me a while to choose the pattern.  I’ve already knit the Wing of The Moth once, and I almost never knit something twice.  Actually, with this, I knit it two more times!!!

My goal was to have it finished and blocked before we left for Montana.  Why?  I have no idea.  I just wanted to see it finished.  I didn’t make it and I’m glad.  I could never have done a photo shoot that cool at home.

Part way through week two, I realized I was going to run out of yarn.  After a 2 AM email to Woolgirl (which she responded to in ten minutes!) I had another skein of yarn in the mail.

The last rows were taking me 45 minutes.  I told you about having to tink one row and re-knitting it!  And then there was the bind-off.  That took about two hours.

I do have some blocking photos.  How exciting, huh?

And the big square!

I blocked it on two polar fleece sleeping bags.  I was so worried that the red would bleed on someone else’s light carpet.  I was totally shocked when I soaked this thing.  Usually red bleeds horribly.  This didn’t even turn the water a faint pink.  Have I mentioned how impressed I am with Miss Babs?

So that’s it for the Scarlet Moth, unless I take one more photo in my bedroom at home.

So, now I started a project with 3,000 yards of laceweight.  Just kidding!!!  I’ m crazy, but not that crazy.  I started a scarf.

This is the Lengthwise Cable Scarf by Hannah Wallace.  The yarn is Madelintosh Worsted from Woolgirl.  It’s still 398 stitches per row, but I’ll only use about 400 yards.  I’m hoping to finish it today, and after that, I’m not sure what I’ll work on.

We have two days left of our vacation.  The three moms are sitting around doing nothing today.  I’m going to knit, of course.  I did read a stupid novel last night though.  The dads are out with all 13 kids today.  They usually ski back for lunch and then head out again.  I’m hoping for some good photos when they get back!  It’s been a wonderful week.  I’m so blessed to have such amazing cousins.  (I do miss my sis though!!!  They were here last year.)

I suppose I should think about exchanging my pajamas for sweats!  I also need another cup of coffee.


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12 thoughts on “Behind the Scarlet Moth

  1. So so lovely, I am hugely impressed! It’s a scarlet beheMOTH. I am in a knitting rage at the moment having run out of wool with only 25 stitches to cast off! So browsing this blog was a good soother : )

  2. The Moth is awesome, beautiful and all of those good words. but, what is it and where will it live?

  3. The Scarlet Moth is beautiful beyond words. My favorite color. I HAD to add that scarf to my queue!!!!!

  4. Too beautiful for words. I love lace knitting–have two projects under way from the Victorian Lace book. Will have to put these into the UFO bin and think about my own scarlet (or plum, or peacock…moth.

  5. Wow — very “large.” Very nice though, and after all your kudos I will definitely order some of that yarn! anyway, pat yourself on the back — great/fun work!!

  6. Still chuckling over Charlotte’s “beheMOTH”. Thanks for more photos of it.

  7. The moth is GORGEOUS and huge! And I can’t believe how fast you knit it!

  8. The Moth is beautiful! How did you turn the triangle into a square? I’m curious, and thinkingof doing the same thing. Thanks.

  9. The scarlet moth is amazing and I’m loving the new scarf too! Sounds like you’re having a really nice time – I hope you’re getting some relaxation in too!

  10. Love it. I may try a blanket with a lace pattern someday. Right now I am too busy making the lace to wear!

    Safe travel home.

  11. Gosh, it matches your hair!:>
    Seriously gorgeous. Now where were you jetsetters this time? I am jealous…

  12. sigh. I wanna knit like you when I grow up.

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