Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Not Good Housekeeping!


There’s nothing like a visit from the electrician to smack you down a notch.  Actually, several notches.

First, we went into  The Genius’ room.  She left for college after Christmas, and I just stayed out.  Now I know why I didn’t want to go in there.  The outlets in her room weren’t working.  They are now.  Hey Genius, the electrician wants to thank you for the climbing adventure!

Then I was going to show him where the circuit box is.  Only I couldn’t get to it.  The back of the storage room looks great, after you climb over the stuff at the entrance.  Everyone has just been throwing stuff in the doorway.

And then there’s Superblonde’s room.  She keeps blowing the circuit.  I think it’s because there’s junk all over and the electricity can’t get to the outlets.

The main part of our house looks great.  Just don’t head to any of the wings.  I’m not blameless either.  Here’s the chair in my room.

My bed isn’t made either.  Nor is any other bed in this house.

I have been knitting a very little bit, in between home schooling two kids.  NO!!!!  It’s not permanent.  Frankie missed school last week when we were skiing, so we had to do all his work this week (which is his spring break).  Did that make sense?  Home schooling one kid is a piece of cake compared to two.  I know people who homeschool many kids, and I don’t know how they do it.

Let’s just say that I’m knitting to stay sane.  This is what I’ve done in the last couple of days.

Impressed?   Neither am I.  What I am thrilled about is The Woolen Rabbit’s Whisper Merino Lace.  Go buy some.  Tell yourself or your husband that you have my permission.  Just say,  “The passing down crazy lady said I could”.  That should add credibility…..NOT!

I”m doing Miralda’s Triangular Shawl.  It’s worked from the outside, so I cast on 331 stitches.  If you want to read an unbelievable account of the trials of casting on this shawl, read the Yarn Harlot’s account.  I started casting on with a long tail, and it was supposed to be knit on, but other than that it went fine.  Hopefully, you’ll see beads by Monday.  There is Nascar knitting coming up this weekend.

After I clean this up!

Guess what The Crazy family is doing tomorrow???


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17 thoughts on “Not Good Housekeeping!

  1. cleaning house on a saturday? (ducking)

  2. Wow! I don’t see any mess….I see a lot of stash, and cubicles full of stash.
    I am envious!!!

  3. That looks like such a comfy knitting and reading chair!

    May I request a photo of the yarn storage behind it? I want to see your yummy yarns! 🙂

    Unmade beds are no problem around here! It is truly not a problem!

  4. Did your yarn cubicle throw up? or is that new stuff? I’d never leave that room if I were in your shoes….

  5. I really was going to ask you “where do you sit” but then got diverted by looking at the stash …

    on your shawl — how long did it take you to cast on? I want to eventually do that shawl, but I can’t count any better than Stephanie (that was a fabulous post)

    I’ve been knitting for two days trying to work on toe up socks — tomorrow I have to hide the knitting from myself, not turn on the computer, and work on the clearing up of the guest room stuff. I just spoke to hubby who is away — I mean really, why do I have to make all the decisions about what to do with the stuff LOL

    but I’m still looking for the power cord for my sewing machine, so that is the only reason why I will actually go through the rest of the boxes …

  6. That is the most beautiful mess I’ve ever seen.

  7. My house resembles yours!! Just a word of warning on Miralda’s since I just finished it — log in for errata on the chart for the next section of diamonds. It was a fun knit (well, not P5tog). Lea-Ann

  8. Is the wrap over the back of your chair from Melville’s color book?? I SOOO want to do that! What yarn did you use? And, yes, please, show us a better shot of your storage unit. I want one like that for my house!

  9. That’s a completed big bang wrap? Amazing. That’s one of the patterns that started my dish towel knitting craze. It makes great towels. And placemats. On the down side, there’s a ton of ends to weave in.

  10. Thank you for this post–it made me feel so much better about the state of my house and my yarn stash closet! I love the color of your shawl. It’s going to be lovely.

  11. Oh can I have your stash? How beautiful! I only have a small bag for stash yarn…and I even have that hidden away from my husband : )

  12. Alright, I am back in MN. We made it to Nebraska to Colorado to South Dakota and back. Phew! While gone we had tornados, grass fires, and blizzards. Now I hear up to a foot of snow in the next few days?!? Crazy! So, what did the crazy family do? We are doing absolutly nothing and it’s great!!

  13. Wow! I just have to say, Wow!, My family gives me a hard time about my stash and it fits in a big plastic bin (the biggest one they make), but still. Wow! Can we have a picture of just the cubbies? And this is seperate from your sewing room right? Wow! I knew I really liked you:-)

  14. What a beautiful mess of yarn! I am so jealous of your stash! And btw….the public parts of my house are neat as a pin – but don’t EVER open a closet or a bedroom door. Yeah. But hey – its only been a couple of years since they all moved out, y’know? I’ll get around to it…..

  15. I’m your newest fan. Looking at your chair and all that yarn might just bring my knitting mojo back.

  16. None of the beds in your house are made? I promise I won’t think poorly of you. I have only 1 bed in my house, and it’s normally stacked with clean clothes that somehow don’t make it to a hanger for days on end. They really prefer the trip from bed, to floor, to bed again. And who am I to ruin the fun?
    ; )
    P.S. Thank you for the compliments on my Buttons photograph! Someday I will have to shoot your yarn. But I’m not quite sure where I’d begin. And I mean that in the best way!

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