Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn



Take a closer look at that title, and you can see I had an interesting day.  Let’s just mix screwed up hormones and six kids and a snow day.  Actually, it went very well, thank you.  The kids are all still alive and I don’t think I yelled once.  The two youngest kids each had a friend over, which was a life saver.  They don’t fight with each other that way.

Here’s Frankie right away this morning.

His F150 was having trouble even though it was 4 wheel drive.  That snow was heavy and wet.

My plan was to quilt all day.  I was sure I was going to have all the borders on my Fanciful Flowers quilt today.  Actually, I was going to finish it on March 2nd.  I got some of it finished.  Scrappy quilts are just not conducive to being done quickly.  They’re so worth it though.

The last time I talked about this book, I strongly hinted that you really should own the Material Possessions book.  And they’re coming out with another one soon.  Here’s the scoop!

And on the knitting front, my Miralda Shawl is creeping along.  My Nascar knitting on Sunday got me part way through the beads.  I’m passing on the nupps this time.

I am really enjoying it, even if it’s slow going.

Tomorrow is another day.  And all the kids will be back in school.



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6 thoughts on “PMSnowday

  1. Hey, thanks Maria! I LOVE your Fanciful Flowers, mind if I blog it too?

  2. The quilt is so pretty. I can’t even think like that. I also checked out Sarah’s blog. The quilts are wonderful- but too hard for an intermediate quilter? We only had rain and slush- no snow just 20 miles away. How strange is that!!

  3. A guy and his truck! That’s too cute.

    The quilt is gorgeous!

    Love the knitting. That pattern is in my queue. Delighted to see you are skipping the nupps. Inspiration!

    ; )

  4. Really pretty knitting; it’s a great color.

  5. wow … I’m done with snow, although we will soon go up to the mountains for a little break and get back in it. But I don’t have such a fun toy LOL

    shawl — looks gorgeous!! And what a fun quilt — I ordered a power cord online, will get here this week and then I can get my machine serviced. Yay!
    And I feel a LOT better having gotten the guest room (aka dump room) and my closet done — whew. I always overdramatize these things, but I hate being in the middle of a mess.

    Speaking of that, can we see your stash again? LOL

  6. I am truly amazed at the amount of stuff you are able to get done. I ignore housekeeping and cooking as much as possible and I still can’t get as much knitting and quilting done as you. Since I just recently found your blog, I spent some time reading back through the archives, and I was just wondering if I missed the completion of the Damask Kauni? I believe it was in the Nov ’08 archives that you requested to be hounded about it:-)

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