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Oh, My Stomach!


Don’t you just love holiday food?

Our Easter Sunday started off with an awesome church service, celebrating Jesus resurrection.  I love music.  I always tease our pastor that it doesn’t matter if he can preach or not (an boy, can he preach!) because the music is what speaks to me.  And it was awesome.

After church we, along with A Betty, went out for coffee.  There was lots of the usual banter between all of us.  Then we got down to business.  We had six categories for dinner; beverage, appetizer, meat, potatoes. salad, and dessert.  I numbered them and each family member chose a number, and whatever they picked, they got to chose what they wanted to eat.  (Thank’s to Christina for the idea.  Their family tried it on Valentine’s Day.)

So, what did we eat?  Sparkling grape juice, stuffed peppers, ham, scalloped potatoes, caesar salad, and fruit pizza.  This family can choose a meal!!!!  It was all wonderful.  Did I take any pictures?  Nope!

Yesterday also included some knitting and a bit of quilting.  I finished my Miralda’s Shawl.  It looked very small.  I was worried!  (That’s a secure man that will model lace!)

At 11 PM, I decided I had to block it.  Look!

It’s not huge, but it will do!  It does have one glitch though, which really bugs my perfectionistic tendencies.

There’s a hole in it.  I dropped a stitch and thought I had it fixed correctly.  It’s gonna bug me.  I think I’ll just take a needle and a piece of yarn and fill it in.

OK, here are the details.

Miralda’s Shawl from Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush

Whisper Merino Lace from The Woolen Rabbit, colorway New England Red

Size 4 Addi Turbo Lace needles

The verdict:  The pattern is gorgeous.  The yarn is fabulous.  I wish it was larger, and the little hole bugs me.  I’ll give it a B-.  We’ll blame operator error.

It’s so ugly and dreary outside.  I have about two crocuses blooming and that’s it.  Gotta love Minnesota.

Here’s today’s project.

I had the blocks laid out on the floor and the dog decided to run laps.  So it’s all pinned into rows and in a pile in my sewing room.

Ms. In Charge is starting her standardized tests today.  We’ll see how I did as a teacher this year.  I always told the kids not to stress over them, but now my reputation is on the line!

I’ll be back soon.  I need advice on a quilt for My Hero’s office.  I have the fabric picked out, but it’s not talking to me yet.  And I’m knitting Maplewing.


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10 thoughts on “Oh, My Stomach!

  1. Sounds like a wonderful meal!

    I LOVE your shawl. Seriously LOVE your shawl!

    ; )

  2. I love your shawl too!! Gorgeous color and I will do it someday My Tommo is also my shawl model, I love men who are good sports!!!

  3. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! I love the shawl – I’ve just started my first one, but it’s not nearly as complicated as yours. :o)

  4. veryy pretty shawl and a cute photo of hubby with manLace!

  5. B minus???? No way! It’s beautiful!

    My/Your Hero deserves extra points for shawl modeling! Double points for smiling while doing so!

  6. A B-? I give you an A for effort because I’m not a lace knitter. Sure wish I had the balls to attempt one…
    HA! Doncha just love the little doggie feet prancing all over? They always seem to know when you don’t want them around, don’t they?

  7. fruit pizza? How fabulous! We had so much food that I forgot the cucumber salad in the fridge and nobody missed it LOL

    gorgeous shawl, and the “hole” — just don’t pick at it (which is what I would do if I were wearing it … why can’t we help ourselves? 🙂

  8. I could swear I’ve seen a shawl JUST that color on your site before 🙂
    What lovely reassurance that I sent it to the right home.

  9. Nobody will ever notice the hole!

  10. Your shawl is gorgeous. No one would have noticed the hole if you hadn’t told us about it. I love it!

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