Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Warning! Boring Crafter Ahead!


This week, watching grass grow in Minnesota would be more exciting than my projects.

First, there’s Maplewing.  Now don’t get me wrong.  This shawl is going to be gorgeous.  However, the first 40 rows are 600 stitches each and a row is taking me about 25 minutes.  I have 19 rows done. Woo!!!!  Hoo!!!

Doesn’t that make your heart beat faster?  FYI, a 60 inch circular is a pain.  It will be nice to spread the project out to look at, but it curls and is a pain in the rear.

I am excited about the color.  This is Whisper Merino Lace from The Woolen Rabbit.  The colorway is Arabian Nights.  It’s going to be an amazing project.  It just isn’t right now!

Then there’s a quilt that was supposed to be put together by now.

I do love it, but it will be a whole lot more exciting when it’s finished.  Excuse my poor pressing.  I have one of those big steam generator irons, and the button for the steam croaked last night.  I need to go find a JoAnn’s coupon and go shopping!  I fully intend to finish this soon, but don’t hold your breath, because that was the plan a few days ago.

There’s a new project waiting in the wings that’s calling my name.

I got a new blue blouse that needs some pizazz.  What better than lace to accomplish that task?  The yarn is Schaefer Andrea in the colorway Florence Griffith Joyner.  The yarn has been wound for a couple of years, and it’s time.  I’m going to do the Aeolian Shawl from Knitty.  I don’t like to work on the same project that so many others are working on, but it’s so gorgeous!

What other exciting things are going on in my life?

~I cleaned up my closet this morning.

~Baseball started.  Dreamboy is playing

~Ms In Charge is taking standardized tests this week.

~The Genius hates group projects in college.

~Superblonde is taking her written drivers test.  That means she can drive.  Help!!!

~And Frankie, he’s just thrilled to be outside riding his bike.

So, that’s all our excitement around here.  Are you done yawning yet???  I’ll bet you’re going to be ready for a power nap after all that excitement!!!


Author: mariajhmom

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8 thoughts on “Warning! Boring Crafter Ahead!

  1. So, does it mean I’m boring if I think your not boring? Really, is it pathetic when my adult conversation for the day is to read your blog?

    Can’t wait to see the Maplewing in that colorway. I have a quilt that is supposed to be done, but isn’t. It must be catching:-)

  2. Who cares if half the knitters in the world are working on Aeolian – it’s one gorgeous piece; can’t wait to see it worked up in your lovely yarn. Two lace shawl projects at once – you go, girl!

  3. i too will do Aeolian just waiting for the right yarn to jump up and bite me, right now Lehe and Hanami are keeping me happy, I did a mystery shawl once that started with 1047 stitches, and by 2nd clue did not like the design at all, so I made up my own and kept knitting!

    And about the quilt, I have a quilt top (crib size yet) sitting in my closet for 7 years we have been here, and at least 2 years in the last place, but you inspire me to want to finish it.

    Boring??? No way you don’t know how many times I have checked to see if you posted! Glas you did!

  4. And why don’t you show them the quilt that you put seam binding on Wednesday? A Betty

  5. I do believe that there is something of mine that would spice up the week quite nicely.

    Wink Wink

  6. It’s more exciting than my house right now…..

  7. Maple wing is going to be absolutely stunning in that color!! Hang in there 🙂

  8. I’m at a loss. Maplewing, and Aeolian? And Aeolian? Whenever I feel overwhelmed by my life, I read a bunch of old posts on your blog to see all you’re into. At first it made me feel intimidated and slightly insecure, but now it’s empowering. I’m not the only one with too much going on. And look at you go!! It’s NEVER boring at your house!
    (I just wish I liked what I’m doing right now, but this too shall pass!)

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