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This and That


I’ve been knitting socks this week.  They’re portable.  And I needed portable, because I attended 2 baseball games and three concerts this week.  Oh, and I sat in the emergency room for 3 hours one night too.  I’ll start with the ER.

Dreamboy is playing baseball this year.  (That explains the baseball games, huh?)  He got hit with a baseball.  It took us three hours of sitting around in the ER to see if his nose was broken.  I could start a rant about all the people that go to the ER instead of making appointments and going during the day like the rest of us, but I don’t have that much breath to waste.

Anyway, where was I?  Oh, yeah.  In the ER.  When we finally got a room, they gave Dreamboy a remote control so he could watch tv.  He was lounging on one of their nice beds.  I had my feet up on his bed.   I got a Dr. Pepper for him, and a Diet Coke for me.  I pulled out the bag of chocolates I grabbed on the way out the door and the mother-son bonding time began.  It’s actually starting to sound not so bad!!!  I even finished a sock.

This is the first of what will hopefully be two Loksins!  The yarn is Hazel Knits Beach Glass, purchased from the always amazing Woolgirl.

After eating chocolate, knitting, watching tv, and drinking sodas, we found out that Dreamboy does indeed have a broken nose.  Next week, after the swelling goes down, he’ll have it set, since his nose is now crooked.  Superblonde informed us that the crooked nose is working for Patrick Dempsey, but I’m not buying it.

Just think how much better looking he’d be if his nose was straight!

I also finished a pair of Groovy Socks.  I used Socks that Rock Dragon Dance.  I don’t know that they’re my favorite, but they’re ok.

Just for the record, the only thing green on our yard is the grass.  The trees are just barely starting to bud.

And also just for the record, I suck at short row heels.  The one you can see is the first one I did and it’s ok.  The other one is much worse.  What’s up with that?

So, what am I doing with my Saturday?  I had a board meeting this morning.  (There’s a donate button, if you’re so inclined.  No pressure!)  This afternoon, I’m going to finish up the laundry and work on a quilt.  Oh, and my sidekick wants to take a nap with me.  We do a 20 minute power nap several days a week.  How else do I stay up til 2:00 AM?

And next week?  Hopefully some progress on my Aeolian Shawl and the house quilt.


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11 thoughts on “This and That

  1. I’ve decided I need to post comments on the blogs I read to let people know I enjoy reading about their knitting and lives. Your groovy socks are really fun. The heel reminds me of the twirling targets in the old movies that were used to hypnotise people. Maybe you can get people to do your house work by twirling your feet! 😉

  2. Sorry to hear about Dreamboy’s broken nose. My 10 yo also plays baseball and has been lucky so far. Except he’s a pitcher, so I hold my breath that he doesn’t break someone ELSE’s nose 😦

    Ya, I’m a heel-flap kinda gal, but really should try different heels. Someday.

  3. Love the powernap with the pup! It’s nice to see that you do actually sleep sometimes!

    I hope Dreamboy is feeling better soon. Poor thing! I have a rant about kids in the ER for colds instead of the doctors office. I think we have the same soapbox about that. It is surprising to find odd moments/places to have bonding moments with our kids. It sounds like a great time except the broken nose part.

    Short row heels? Just poke me in the eyes!

  4. Wow, so much excitement! I hope Dreamboy’s nose sets easily, and heals quickly!!

    Love that Loksin. 🙂

  5. The football playing grandson wrecked his knee last fall, of course during a game. He gimped with it all winter and after injuring it again a couple of weeks ago, they finally fixed it. It was pretty messed up! If they’d fixed it the first time, his mom wouldn’t have racked up nearly so much time in the ER.

    I spent my Saturday with the widows in our church. I’m a deacon and we decided to obey scripture about taking care of the widows and give the ladies a brunch. It was really fun! Those old gals are a kick!

  6. Bummer on the ER visit! But, nice progress on that lovely Hazel Knits sock! I just love that yarn (and Woolgirl too!).

    Cute dragon dance socks, but they’re not as cute as you and doggy at naptime!

  7. Hi Maria
    I wish that I had been knitting when my dreamboy and I spent so much time in the ER with sports injuries. Our local hospital is much like you describe with non emergency patients it is actually faster to go out of town 30 minutes to be seen. Funny story- Ross had broken his hand in a football game and we were going to be seen on a Sat. AM by our “on retainer” orthopedist. Well on the way we decided we needed donuts and chocolate milk- guess who needed surgery and we had to wait 5 hours for the food to digest before they would do the surgery. Lesson learned no snacks on the way to the doctor! Sorry to ramble – your post just brought back this memory- my dreamboy is 22 now- enjoy all your er times together!

  8. I’d be optimistic about the broken nose. I’ve broken mine twice. The first time healed badly (back in the old days before they set noses)and was straightened by rhinoplasty later. That came out fine, but not perfect. I just broke it again last summer (proving that I am definitely too old to play with basketballs), but my doctor didn’t set it. Now it has healed and looks better than ever! The second fracture seems to have smoothed some of the little bumps left from the rhinoplasty. Just proves you never know how noses will looks after they’ve been broken.
    Nice looking socks. That second short-row heel looks just like the one I just did, when I decided I knew how to short-row and didn’t read the pattern instructions. Half of the heel has half as many rows as the other half. I’m not sure how you did it, but I did it by knitting one too many stitches before the turn.

  9. Sorry to hear about your son’s broken nose. I’ve broken mine several times and never had it set. Parents back in the 70’s, at least mine, didn’t get anything straightened (even teeth) unless you were dying. Thank God people get things straightened nowadays although McDreamy looks pretty good with a crooked nose. Love both your socks. It’s nice to see you in resting mode. Have a good nap you deserve it.

  10. *Love those Loksins. Very naughty providing that link to Woolgirl.
    *I hope Dreamboy isn’t suffering too badly.
    *That’s a cozy looking pillow you have there. 🙂

  11. I’ve been gone for almost 2 weeks – what fun reading through your past few blog posts – The quilts…I feel like I’ve been to an amazing quilt show this morning! I’ve had the Loksins pattern for a few years – bought it immediately because I loved it – still haven’t made them – Yours are gorgeous!

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