Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn



To distract you from the sheer lack of ambition on my part, I have to show you an amazing project brought to you by The Genius.

Yes, my college kid knit Mike Wazowski.  For the few of you that don’t know about Mike, he’s a character from the Pixar movie, Monsters, Inc.

I was blown away by her execution of Mike.  She was working on him last fall.  Lots of ideas went back and forth between us over the phone or via email.  I found a pattern for an eyeball because it was Halloween.  She wasn’t sure how to do his hands and feet, and then remembered a scene in the movie where Mike was in the Himalayas and was so cold, he had mittens on his hands, feet, and horns.  That took care of that problem.  I sent her a bunch of sock yarn, and she knit six mismatched mittens.

Here’s a bigger shot.

He even has teeth and a tongue.  The whole family wanted to claim Mike, even the dog.

And my lack of ambition…lets just say that I hate cleaning.  So, to avoid it, I’ve read all your blogs!!!  That means that beause of my avoidance tactics, there’s not a lot of knitting and quilting going on.  But I have a plan.  I’m going to run around like crazy today and get boxes ready to mail, empty the laundry room (at least it’s all clean and folded!) and do other necessary things.  Oh, and I have to make cookies today.  It was Dreamboy’s birthday yesterday, and he decided after the fact that he wants to bring chocolate chip cookies to school tomorrow.  I can facilitate that!

I’ll be back soon with some quilting and my knitting plan for May.  Oh, and I got a birthday gift from a blog reader.  I’ll have to show you what I got!

Next post, you’ll see everything I accomplished, but first I have to get off the couch.  Ready!  Set!  Go!


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21 thoughts on “Distractions!

  1. Mike is AWESOME!

    She *is* a genius!!

    ; )

  2. Glad to know I’m not the only one who puts household things off to read blogs. You go girl – do as you please!
    I also have to bake a treat tomorrow night for my son’s 11th birthday school treat. Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies, right? It’s a no-brainer.
    LOVE the giant Mike! I didn’t realize how large he was until he was next to the dog. She did an awesome job!
    BTW – I finally got those blond highlights on the sides of my face – not red though. The only difference was, I left it to my hairdresser who’s more skilled than I. I LOVE the look! I just wish I would have gone “heavier” with them, but for the first time, played it safe. Look out the next time! Now look what you started….

  3. Love Mike! Your kid did a great job!Truly fantastic!

    I can totally relate to the household chore dilemma (guess what I’m doing right now! Duh!). I have hit upon a solution for me though. It’s done wonders for my morale! I’ve decided I can clean a room (or area)every day. That way it doesn’t seem to be so much work that is immediately destroyed when my family gets home. Mondays-I clean the kitchen and do a quick wipedown of the bathrooms (cleaning up after additional weekend kids), and vacuum the main floor. Tuesdays-bedroom (kids do their own)and maybe the basement (depending on its condition). Wednesdays-Entryway and stairs. Thursdays family room, living room, dining room (these are rooms we might have friends in over the weekend and aren’t usually too dirty so it’s quick). Fridays- really clean the bathrooms and vacuum the whole house. Laundry is a load a day (unless we need a sports uniform every day then I do a small light load, a small dark load and dry them together)- usually beds on Thursdays or Fridays and towels on Mondays. I try to pick up around suppertime (supper cooking, athletes showering, husband almost home)every day and again as I’m heading to bed–so I don’t wake up to a mess and it doesn’t get overwhelming.

  4. Wow, that’s a fantastic design!

  5. Mike is amazing!!!

    I did the run around before I knit bit yesterday and for some reason I have to do it again I can’t believe how much Tom can disrupt the place while he is home such a short amount of time each day!

    If your birthday gift is what I think it is I am glad to her it arrived okay====hope you got a kick out of it!!!

  6. Wow, totally impressed in what the kid can do………she has a future in yarns too……congrats on the one eyed guy !!!

  7. Mike turned out awesome!! Love, love, love all of the details.

  8. Without kids in this household, I have to read blogs like yours to discover critters like Mike! The Genius did a great job!!!

  9. Looks like she could be in the pattern making business…..I’d buy one…my 9 year old loves Mike….Way Cool! Housework should never come before anything else….do it only as a last resort! SNORT!

  10. That is too cool! Mike looks like a perfectly knit replica of the original! Your daughter did a great job!

  11. Mike is AWESOME!!!

  12. Wow! That is fantastic! I am extremely impressed.

  13. Mike ROCKS! I’m glad you took a picture next to the dog; I thought he was a little thing- but he’s HUGE! He would be immediately kidnapped in this house, and never heard from again.

  14. MIKE ROCKS! It’s obvious why she has the moniker “The Genius”!

  15. Mike is not only awesome, he’s HUGE! At first I thought he was a kleenex box holder because of the white in his mouth… but read on and discovered he has teeth! The closeup helped on this, too. What a creative solution to the hands and feet problem and infinitely more colorful! Wow! Move over dog! I want to sit by MIke!!!

  16. I love Mike W! I want one!! (okay, I want THAT one, b/c I’m lazy and tired and don’t want to make my own). tee hee!

  17. How cute! Looks like your love of the fiber arts is being passed on! How wonderful!

  18. That is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time! How can you not smile after seeing that. Who cares about a new book – Lexi figured out how to knit a Mike whatever-his-last-name is ?!? by the way, I’ll be in town tomorrow with a fix for your jelly roll stash! Better check the mail box . . . . .

  19. Mike needs to be published!! How seriously cute is he?!??!?! One talented kid you have there!!! Just amazing!!!

  20. Hi, I love Mike! Do you have the modele?

  21. Can’t believe the knitted mike! Fabulous. Do u have the pattern? Can I purchase anywhere ? Many thanks

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