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The Question Of The Day


Before we get to the question, I have to thank all of you for your comments about Mike Wazowski!  The Genius appreciated them, as they came at a great time. It was  finals week!  Thanks!

The question?  What question?  Oh, that question?

Will my kids remember to pick up after themselves this weekend?

They were informed in no uncertain terms that that is what they are to do.  The only problem is that I didn’t yell or stomp or cry, causing them to just roll their eyes at me.  Did I make enough of an impact?  I’m betting by this morning they’ve totally forgotten.  I may have to nag.  And I will.

I also informed my husband that I’m done cleaning.  All I’m going to do is quilt.  Because these patterns are out and I ABSOLUTELY FELL IN LOVE!  Heather also has another book that’s just out that she’s previewing soon, so watch for it!  I can even brag and tell you she’s my only famous friend!  She’s talented and funny and I still like her even though she’s young and cute and skinny!

I do still knit!

I have two skeins of Handmaiden Sea Silk.  The colorway is Rainforest.  I’m knitting Trevi.  There’s a group on ravelry that has declared May to be Anne Hanson month, and we’re going to knit her patterns.  I do that a lot of months so it’s no stretch for me.  I’ve got three other projects in process that are Anne’s patterns, so I’m hoping to get a lot done!

What was I doing at 2:00 this morning?  Not sleeping.  I was working on this.

You want to see more?

I love the detail!  Oh, that didn’t help?  Ok, I’ll show you the whole thing.

Today, I’m going to make 38  eight inch blocks to go around the quilt.  I’m thinking they’re going to be simple star blocks, but I’m not sure.  I also have a very large scale print for the border.  I’d love to finish this project this weekend, because I have two new books showing up at my house.  You remember?  The ones I was raving about at the beginning of the post?  Yeah, those!

I sent my new iron back.  It spit everywhere.  I feel like my accuracy is suffering because I’m not pressing as well.  I may have to run out and either buy a water bottle or another iron to try.

And now I’m going to have a cup of coffee and a cupcake.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Grace of Loving Comfort Knits made me this red velvet cupcake for my birthday.  That was a fun surprise.  She also included some different kinds of tea to try.  Thanks, Grace!

And the mug….that’s Dreamboy.  He turned 14 this week.  We saw the doctor on his birthday, and he’s having surgery on his nose next week.

I’m going to go play.  And nag kids to pick up.  Let the weekend begin!


Author: mariajhmom

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9 thoughts on “The Question Of The Day

  1. Ooooh! I love the Sea Silk you’re using. I received the Pewter yarn that was dyed up for Trevi this week and it’s amazing. I need to try to capture it on film. I’m still working on Caricia (which I LOVE) and a pair of socks or two, but I’m really tempted to jump in on Trevi. Decisions, decisions.

    Your quiltwork, as always, is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful quilt! I love how you can work different prints (flowers, dots, etc.) together and they look great next to each other.
    Have a relaxing weekend!

  3. LOVE the zigzags in your friends book. I’ve never purchased a jelly roll and just might have too! They’re fantastic!

    Let me know how you get your kids to pick up after themselves. Actually, you should probably charge for sharing that info. I think you’d be rich!

  4. Everything looks gorgeous!! 🙂

  5. Oh wow!! Love that braided sides idea and those houses! You are very talented!

  6. Don’t worry so much about the picking up! I remember my mom nagging at me constantly to pick up my stuff… but at the end of the day, I felt more comfortable in my organized mess! And look, it’s just part of the crazy creative person I am!

  7. That quilt is just gorgeous! All my favorite colors!!

  8. you’re quilting continues to amaze me; it’s not my craft for doing, but i admire fine work like that always!
    and i covet your trevi; it will look gorgeous in that colorway!

  9. Oh.My.God. That quilt! That cool flower! In my next life, I’m opening a museum, where I will show only the works of art, knitted and quilted, of my Ravelry friends. And I will live there. That’s my plan.

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