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Trevi, How I Love Thee!


I love this project.  I love the yarn.  I love the pattern.  I love that I can finally take photos outside!!!

I love the geometric lines!  This is Trevi, another amazing pattern by Anne Hanson of Knitspot.

The yarn is Handmaiden Sea Silk purchased from Evelyn.  The colorway is Rainforest.  It’s a constant temptation to purchase more yarn from Evelyn.  She’s always getting new Handmaiden and Fleece Artist yarns and her customer service is amazing!

I thought I’d have more of this shawl finished by now.  I sat around yesterday while Dreamboy had surgery on his nose, but it all went so fast that I got less than a repeat finished.  I worked on it today during Ms In Charge’s piano lesson and I’ll work on it again while Superblonde has her lesson.

Otherwise, cleaning up messes has gotten in the way of knitting.  I dug out the boy’s room yesterday.  It smelled like a giant armpit in there!  It looks and smells much better now.

I’ve done a little bit of quilting, but not a ton.  I hope I have something to show for it after tomorrow.  My plan is to pound out about a dozen loads of laundry, with a bunch of quilting in between.  We’ll see how my plan works.

I’ve also done of ton of planning for our motorhome trip.  We’re leaving in a couple of weeks for Washington DC.  After that it’s Williamsburg, Cape Hatteras, Myrtle Beach, Gatlinburg, and up 81 through the mountains.  We’ll make a stop in Ohio so My Hero can work for a few days, and then back home.  Yeah, that’s going to be close to 5,000 miles.  Of course, none of my perfect children will fight with each other during that time.  Right?  Don’t answer that.  I like my delusions.

Off to piano.  Hopefully I’ll be back soon with a very cute quilt from Heather.  I’m working on Buttercup.

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11 thoughts on “Trevi, How I Love Thee!

  1. This looks complicated and delicate. But like you, I think the yarn is awesome.

  2. so beautiful, I have yet to knit any of Anne’s patterns although I own quite a few!

  3. The shawl is beautiful!

    You must go hiking in the Smoky Mountains!

  4. That is a very awesome shawl. I really like the colours too. 🙂

  5. I live close to Williamsburg. Did you know that there is a wonderful knit shop in Williamsburg, The Knitting Sisters? ( It’s a lovely shop and they have a quiet little sitting area where customers can knit. I have some pictures of the shop on my blog – I took a class with Noni there last fall. ( is also an awesome sandwich shop and a little tea room. Oh, and next to the knit shop is a quilt shop. And just down the way is a bead shop. It’s heavenly.

    Would you consider being my guest for lunch? (I think we share mutual addictions;))

  6. lovely of course. I have some gifted handspun almost the exact same color — I should go look at the yardage needed right now and see if I can start it — I have airplane travel coming up, and it would be perfect. I’ve told you before I’m one of your groupies …

    5,000 miles … all of you and doggie? Hope everyone has their own electronic devices LOL or books on tape! But sounds like a good trip though! My best memory from one of a few cross country trips was in a restaurant in Texas: “oh, honey, I’m not so hungry tonight. I’ll just have the 13 oz steak.” …. and this was said by a woman! I couldn’t even 13 ozs of meat in one sitting if my life depended on it!

  7. I love visiting your blog. You always have such great eye candy. Altho I don’t knit as well as you do, I love looking at all the beautful things you’ve done. I read in your recent post that you will be making a stop in Ohio. I live in Ohio, what part of our beautiful state will you be visiting? I’m sure I could hook you up with some wonderful quilt shops!

  8. If you (or the kids) have not been to D.C. before, a MUST is a nighttime bus tour. We had it recommended to us 2 or 3 times and actually did it. It was awesome!! To see the city and the sites by night was incredible and had a different feel to it. I would highly recommend it.

  9. Ooooh… Ahhhhh! The colorway is perfect! I’ve been distracted and trying to finish SOMETHING before I start Trevi… but the temptation!

  10. Your shawl is beautiful! My 8th grade daughter leaves for DC next week for a school trip. Your trip sounds fantastic. Does your school get out before June?

  11. I love it when YOU can take pictures outside, too! Your pictures are always so beautiful!

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