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Randomness & Greatness


Let’s start with the greatness.  My dad.  Happy Birthday, Dad!!!  This is a milestone birthday.  I don’t want to give away his age, but he’s not 60 or 80.

We had a discussion at the table on Mother’s Day.  Dreamboy made the comment that Grandpa had told him he was the favorite grandchild.  Every one of the kids said they were told that they were the favorite grandchild!  Busted, Dad!!!  There are 18 grandchildren and they all think they’re Grandpa’s favorite.

It’s so amazing to have a dad that prays for us and is always there.  He’s the kind of person that sees what needs to be done and just does it.  Nothing stops him.  He’s dealt with lots of pain and medical stuff for a lot of years now and he just perseveres.  God has been so faithful to our family throughout the generations, and Dad is one of the great blessings.  He’s our Psalm 112 man.

Happy Birthday, Dad!  You rock!

And now for the randomness. Mother’s Day!

We went to church in the morning.  My flower matched my Swallowtail shawl perfectly.  My Hero and the kids made lunch.  We had steaks, baked potatoes, asparpagus with bernaise sauce and a salad.  Yum!

There was a little Guitar Hero action.  What?  Didn’t you play Guitar Hero on Mother’s Day?  I didn’t either.

About an hour after that photo was taken, three of us were sleeping on that couch.

Later, a new quilt started to take shape.

I’m making this quilt.  Let me just tell you that it’s going to take a while to put together.  The fabric is Snippets by American Jane for Moda.  I ordered border, binding, and backing fabric at about 2:00 this morning.

Here’s a little glimpse into yesterday’s fun.  I worked on the quilt and did this!

I haven’t complained about laundry for a while.  Actually I don’t mind laundry when the laundry room is cleaned up and it is right now.

Today I need to clean up yarn messes.  There’s yarn thrown all over my bedroom again.  I’m beginning to think I’m the messiest person in this house.  I also need to start thinking about what knitting projects I’m taking on our bus trip.    And I have to come up with dinner for tonight.  We ordered pizza last night.

Oh, and this showed up today.  Burgundy Buttons is having a great sale on all of their Moda pre-cuts!

That should keep me out of trouble for a very long time!

I’m off to fold the last load of towels.  And then I’ll hit the yarn mess.


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5 thoughts on “Randomness & Greatness

  1. I think you should have named that fabric down the stack for us. It looks really, really fun. I am using the blue flowered snippets for the center of a table runner along with some Hello Betty charms. Your new quilt project is looking really cute. Happy Birthday to Dad.

  2. Happy Birthday to your Dad! And Happy Mom’s Day to you!

    I think I see one of my favorite flowers on that “flat” Moda pack. *closing my eyes*….Not going to click on sale link……not really. 😀

  3. Happy late birthday to your dad!

    Is that Guitar Hero or Rock Band?

    Time with family, great flowers, yummy fabric, and good music. What could be better on Mothers Day? Looks like a gerat time!

  4. May I share your dad? Sadly, our dads passed away some years ago. when I read about your dad, it made me reminisce about our dads. Thanks. One other thing I must take exception to: I’M the messiest person in the world :o)

  5. How wonderful to see a loving family; so many folks don’t know that joy. My family is loving and my parents still alive and doing great. They are, along with Dave, my husband, and my sibs, my greatest blessings.
    Your knitting and quilting are beautiful; God’s blessings on you, yours and the work of your hands and heart.

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