Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn



As I sit here thinking about my week, it seems to lack focus.  I’ve done so many unrelated things this week and feel like I don’t have much to show for it.  So, to put a positive spin on it, I think I’ll call it Creative Focus.

We’re leaving on our bus trip in one week.  Yikes!  Of course the most important thing to plan is what I’m going to knit.  (Who cares what we eat or wear, or what we tour in Washington DC!?!)  I needed some mindless projects.  Here’s one project in the works.

Exciting, huh?  It’s the Eyelet Cardi from Bonnie Marie Burns of chicknits.  It’s knit top down and most of it is stockinette so it will be great travel knitting.  The yarn is Schachenmayr Denim.  I like the way the increases are looking.

And guess what?  The color isn’t right on either photo.  Oh, well.

As you can tell from the background of the last two photos, I started another quilt.

This pattern is my favorite from Heather Peterson’s new book, Stop Drop and Roll.  It’s called Gettin’ Ziggy With It. (Scroll down to the last pattern.)  The fabric is Neptune by Tula Pink for Moda.

Here’s the Creative Focus shot.

What else did I do this week?

I cleaned up most of my yarn mess.  That’s still a work in progress, but I’m close.

I made 48 dozen chocolate chip cookies for a graduation party.  Yum!

I got my gray hair covered and the red streak is refreshed!

Dreamboy had a doctor appointment.  They took the splint off and his nose is straight.

I ordered fabric because I’m concerned that I might run out before 2015.  Yeah, right!

See, I told you everything was lacking focus.    It’s Creative Focus.

I’m off to kids awards ceremonies.  But first you need to see my back yard.  It’s finally spring in Minnesota!!!

I thought I was going to sit outside for a while today, but it’s windy and I don’t have time.

Here’s the front yard.

Have a great weekend.  Just remember if you only get little bits of stuff done, just call it Creative Focus!  It sounds so much better than being a dingbat!!!


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25 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Maria, tell me how many quilts do you have? I know I could never have enough, do you display them, do you give them as gifts, I so want to do a quilt post but I have to dig through 30 photo albums to find the pictures (I quilted long before digital cameras) Girasole is a must knit, in worsted weight it is going to be one awesome blanket, and the color I am using Cypress Donegal is perfect for my bedroom. I love it, and am planning on Alita next, I love making these old doilies into substantial shawls/blankets.

    Will you blog on your bus trip or will we be bereft of your company?

  2. I love the increases in your sweater too! What else are you taking?

    Sounds like you had a plenty busy week to me! 48 DOZEN choc chip cookies. Goodness! I think that would cure me of any choco chip addiction I might have!

  3. In DC I understand there’s a fabulous textile museum!!! There’s always the Kennedy Center plus the standard monument fare and White House/Congress tours.

  4. Oh, look at that tree in your front yard! WOW!

  5. Your backyard is beautiful!

  6. I’m so jealous of your spring. On tuesday we woke up to 20 deg. F and a howling north wind. On Thursday, we woke up to 2″ of snow, but the temp. was just above freezing. Our native poplars are finally leafing, as are the trees and shrubs in our landscaping–but we’re supposed to get another cold day with snow in the next few days.
    All your creative stuff is lovely of course. They should make a dictionary just for describing friends’ knits and quilts.

  7. Oh, you mean “lateral creativity”: how I tell my family that the road to art isn’t a straight line, ha.

  8. You have been busy!! I made Eyelet Cardi (preblog no pics) from a wonderful cotton/tencel blend and I wear it ALL THE TIME – one of my most worn sweaters – a quick fun pattern!

  9. You should contact me when you get to DC. I owe your mother several favors and would love to help you find your way around/see that textile museum …. or buy you coffee. :^)

  10. I envy your knitting skill. My MIL gave me a lesson, but I suck at it. Not sure I’ll ever improve. Have fun on your trip. I’m one reader who is interested in where you stay while on the road — might be a good tip for us someday. Say hi to our leaders. grin

  11. Yay! I’m so glad to be made aware of this “creative focus” thing. =) I’m jealous of your flowering tree in your backyard. Ben is not keen on having a crab apple… grrr! But I did get him to put in 10 bushes yesterday, so THERE’S progress. Haha!

  12. Those trees are amazing! Mine are just starting to come out of winter…except for the new ones we just planted. I picked a few up “down the hill” and they are already leafed out. I’m so ready for Spring! I just sewed up an adorable skirt with tulip fabric and thinking happy summer thoughts 🙂

  13. If you are in DC, you HAVE to go to G Street fabrics! (Is it still there??) I used to live int hat area and if we needed good quality fabric, that is where we went first!

  14. Love visiting your site and seeing all the variety of projects you are working on. I have just finished a baby Memory Board, and can’t seem to be happy unless I have several things started at once! Have a great vacation!

  15. Your yard looks so beautiful… I can hardly wait to do some planting, and maybe I’ll be able to next week. One of my favorite things to do is sit out on my patio and knit, read, or whatever. Might even take my sewing machine out there for a day! I started quilting in January, and am totally hooked. And don’tcha just love those charms packs?… and jellyrolls?… and honey buns?… !!!

  16. Love your blog! Those Simplicity fabrics are gorgeous, too. After seeing them I want to run to the sewing machine and start it up.

  17. Good Grief! When do you find time to sleep! Very excited about the new sewing website – can’t wait to join!

  18. sounds like you have a lovely vacation planned!

  19. Your trees are beautiful! I’m glad to see it because I feel like we missed spring. We left for market, and when we got back and it was 95-degrees! Where did spring go? Anxious to see your quilt with Neptune – I need to make another sample of that and just happen to have a jelly roll of Neptune waiting . . . By the way, I met Tula Pink at market and got to see her next line. It’s dreamy.

  20. Loved the quilts on your site. Please enter my name for your give-a-way. Charm packs, border fabric and a Schnibbles pattern – how nice.

  21. I wish I could knit like you….. your creations are stunning!

  22. I found you by way of Moda Bake Shop. Loved your pattern and your blog!

  23. Your family must be having a fabulous time! I would love to go to DC – while I can still get around somewhat comfortably! Just visited Moda Bakeshop before arriving at your site — your contribution is terrific! My sister and I are absolutely addicted to quilting — just can’t get enough — we love it! Enjoyed your blog – I’ll check back often! Thanks for the great pattern!

  24. I was quite enjoying reading about your trip as I’ve been to all the places you’ve mentioned. I’m originally from N.C. so it’s fun to read about your Outer Banks exploits and I grew up dancing at the Pavilion in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Now I’m homesick just thinking about it all.

    Your giveaway offerings are very nice. I’m doing a Sewn giveaway, too. It’s such a lovely way to meet people.

  25. How awesome is that tree love it……..I really like your zig zag quilt tooo and the fabric. Are my eyes going crazy as these blocks all the same size or is one wider than the other. Would love to see a finished piccie.

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