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We Love Our KOA Campground!


KOA campgrounds are a blast.  There are lots of activities for kids.  Here are Ms In Charge and Frankie on some new toys!  They also had a big jumping thing and a pool.  There was a teen dance last night.  Dreamboy wouldn’t admit it, but he had fun.  We had a special visitor as well.  Uncle M came to visit.  It was a gorgeous cool evening.  We grilled burgers, had s’mores and watched the Minnesota Twins on the outside TV.  The Twins won so it was a perfect night.

Where were we?  I’ll give you a clue.

We were in Ohio.  This is the Longaberger basket headquarters.  We found it by accident because I forgot to print the directions to the waterpark!  We took the scenic route.

Here’s Trevi at the waterpark.  I’ve made it through 5 repeats.  They’re getting slower, but it’s so gorgeous!

As of tonight we’re outside of Washington DC.  My Hero drove and I worked on my second Loksin sock.  I also finished the yoke of my Eyelet Cardi and the sleeves are on waste yarn, and I’m working my way down the body.

Tomorrow…touring begins.  I think we’re going to start at the Smithsonian.  The forecast is for rain most of the week, so we got rain ponchos for everyone.

I’m going to sleep.  I need to prepare for the whining adventures of tomorrow!


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6 thoughts on “We Love Our KOA Campground!

  1. I have been in the basket building many many times, I used to be one of their consultants back in the day and retired in 2003. The building itself is a blast, and their shopping center is also amazing.

    I hope you have a wonderful trip, and very nice to see the knitting update in there!!!

  2. Here’s another ex-Longaberger consultant who has been to the Basket building many times! I was a consultant for 11 years, quitting in 2005. Did you by chance go to Dresden/Frazysburg – I think they sell fabrics there! No yarn at the time I was there.

  3. That basket building is fascinating! How interesting to have stumbled across it. Keep having fun.

  4. Sounds like you’re having great fun! Stay dry!

    What a HUGE basket! I’m sure you didn’t expect to see that!

  5. We pass the basket building everytime we go to Columbus to visit our daughter. If you get a chance you should try to visit the plant where the baskets are made. I think they still have tours. It’s pretty interesting. Hope you’re enjoying your trip.

  6. I just got home from a camping trip with my cousin and aunties. This very subject came up, about KOA campgrounds and how much they loved them. Someday it would be so much fun to do a cross country adventure, I’m aching to see the East Coast!!

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