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I Love My Country!


Washington DC has been quite surreal!  I’ve been looking at photos of all of this for so many years and now we’re here!  Yesterday we went to the American History and the Natural History museums at the Smithsonian.  Both were good but today was amazing.  We started here.

The Library of Congress is unbelievably amazing, even if we had to be up by 6 AM to get there for our tour!  Here are the kids listening intently, enjoying some of it every minute!

Our next stop was the Botanical Gardens.  It too is gorgeous.  I have lots of pretty flower photos.

Our third tour of the day was here.

Do I need to tell anyone that this is the Capital?  We did a tour and then got to sit in the gallery of the House of Representatives, even though they weren’t in session.

Oh, and we walked a lot!  At least most of us did.

I know our country has flaws, but I love it.  There are some amazing people who sacrificed so much to establish our government.  Seeing these gorgeous buildings and the statues in the Capital building made all the history I’ve learned so much more real.  I’m looking forward to the next couple of days, even if my feet aren’t.

Oh, and for all of you that talk about knitting on your commutes, I got to knit on the Metro!  More on that later.  I need to put my poor, tired feet up for a while.


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9 thoughts on “I Love My Country!

  1. Oh, the walking! Oh, the aching feet! That is a major part of my good memories of our trip to DC too. Luckily, those tired dogs carried us past so much mind-boggling stuff that it was all worth it. Your post is making me realize that it’s been quite a few yrs since we were there — due for a return visit, methinks. Enjoy!

  2. DC is the greatest, I have been there three times, and if I could walk like I used to I would go again in a heart beat!

  3. You know, DC never ceases to amaze me. I’ve lived there, visited there and just passed through there. And every time I get this surreal sense of peace and power all at the same time. Glad you had a good time!

  4. God Bless America!

  5. It really is awesome. I am sure you will be going to Arlington- the changing of the guard is amazing. Have a great visit. And I know what you mean about tired feet! Mount Vernon is worth the trip too.

  6. I toured D.C. when I was a child with my family—6 kids in all! It was amazing. I think I need to take my 14 year old son this summer.

  7. DC is a breathtaking…used to visit once a month about 20 years ago when first married…had a cousin who was living there then and Southwest flew roundtrip from Chicago to DC for $49.00!

    Loved “The Awakening” statue and of course any and all the museums.

    And the views were so awe inspiring, moving, and made me the patriot I am today.

    I also LOVE my country! Rock on!

  8. Hope you didn’t get too wet today. If you get a chance, the view from the clock tower in the Old Post Office is truly amazing, and actually easier to get to than the view from the Washington Monument.

  9. Welcome to my home town! The Portrait Gallery is my new favorite — totally worth the trip if you can fit it in.

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