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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Knittin’ & Sittin’


That’s what I’m doing today!  My feet still hurt from our DC tour!

On Friday, we decided to see how much more ground we could cover.  We started at the National Archive.  We hit the International Spy Museum.  Now I’m sure that all my blog readers are stalking me!!!  We tried to get into the Ford Theatre.  Frankie wanted to see where President Lincoln was shot.  Unfortunately, it was really busy.  We ate lunch at the Old Post Office and went up into the clock tour and got a chance to see the city.  After that we made the trek to the White House.  Here are my charming happy kids!

They’ve been this happy the entire trip….NOT!  (I’ve learned a lot about the fine art of name calling!)

About 30 minutes after this photo, we got caught in the rain.  Once the rain let up, we headed for the White House.

It looks like the ideal place to live, doesn’t it….or not.

If we looked closely, we could see snipers all over.  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would not be my choice to live.

We were planning to go to Arlington Cemetery and the for dinner on the Potomac, but we were pretty wet.  We decided to go back to the bus and get cleaned up.  The kids were thrilled to make a quick stop at Chipotle for dinner.

Yesterday, we made ta move to Williamsburg.  What a fun area!  Today,  My Hero and the kids went to the water park.  I’m sitting on my rear outside.  There’s a nice breeze, and I have my knitting and Nascar.  Yep, I’m sittin’ and knittin’.  I’m working on Trevi today.  I’m on the 6th of 8 repeats.  I also have a finished project!

My Loksins are finished!  I used Hazel Knits in the Beach Glass colorway.  I purchased it at Woolgirl. I started these socks quite a while ago, but I just haven’t been in a sock mood.  Lace has pretty much taken over.  Here’s a better shot.

I’d better go enjoy the quiet time.  There isn’t much of it these days.

I almost forgot!  My new project is showing up on Moda Bake Shop on Monday morning at 8:00.

Back to my knitting!


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12 thoughts on “Knittin’ & Sittin’

  1. I wish I were with you on the trip. It’s nice to see the kids in one picture, you’re always talking about them,so I’ve wanted to have a face to go with the posts. About the lovely socks,do socks stay up without ribbings?

  2. I would hope you wouldn’t want to live at 1900 Pen. Ave, it is a financial district. The White House is 1600 Pen Ave.

    The genius

  3. The socks look wonderful, love all the cables.

  4. The socks and the kids are gorgeous! The day sitting and knitting sounds wonderful!

  5. I caught the 1900 error too but it looks like “genius” beat me to it. The socks are great…aren’t “down days” on vaca wonderful!

  6. I grew up in that area, well about an hour and a half away. It is a nice place to visit but definitely not a good place to live (DC that is). Hope it wasn’t too warm.

  7. sounds like you have done alot of sightseeing, where are we headed next???

  8. Love the Loksins! I’ve been eyeing that pattern since you started them way back. Now on my to-do list.

  9. you are my hero! the MBS project rocks! thank you!

  10. just came across your blog through your Moda project post (bake shop). love the photos and love the projects! they are all beautiful. knitting is i think one of the few things i haven’t tried yet, someday. right now learning to quilt after years of not sewing –

  11. I LOVE those socks. Nice work!

  12. Looks like it was a BUSY fun trip! We spend every spring break vacation in Williamsburg – a beautiful spot!
    Those Loksins are gorgeous – I’m tempted to get the exact same yarn and knit them for myself!

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