Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn



I just remembered that this is a knitting (and quilting) blog!  I have a  finished project to show you!

The Eyelet Cardi is finished.  I used Schachenmayr nomotta Denim.  I thought it was nice yarn to work with, although it had no give because it’s cotton!  I still need a button and some grosgrain ribbon.  The pattern mentioned that if the front still curled, I could sew ribbon on the back.  Guess what?

It still curls.

I took this shot for the flowers in the background, but I do like the raglan increases in this pattern.

It’s great to be home!  After three weeks and 5,000 miles, our home feels wonderful.  The only problem was the flower beds full of weeds.  Yesterday we went to church, sat around and drank coffee and watched Nascar started weeding.  My Hero weeded and I watched Nascar.  He’d look in through the window occasionally to check up on the race.  After the race, Frankie and I went and bought flowers and started planting.  By evening, everything was weeded, planted, and mulched.

Today Dreamboy is mowing and Superblonde is pressure washing the patio.  My plan was to sit outside and knit tomorrow morning, but the forecast is for rain.  That’s ok, because I’m feeling the urge to quilt!  My mom tried to clean my sewing room!  (She was at our house for a while while we were gone.)  I’m pretty sure she decided it was an exercise in frustration.  If I clean off my cutting table, I can get busy.

There’s also more knitting going on.

My next project?  Figuring out lunch for these kids.  That’s what I always dread when school is out.  One kid is asking for a hot dog.  I think I can handle that!


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10 thoughts on “Yes!

  1. LOVE the Eyelet Cardi — very nice!
    Can I borrow a couple of your kids to powerwash my patio and plant flowers? I can make a hotdog!

  2. The cardi is gorgeous. Have you tried steaming the curl from the backside? What I mean is to gently roll the fabric from the right side and steam the wrong side. That sometimes works. Can I come over for a hot dog? I don’t need planting or power washing, but could use some knitting company.

  3. The sweater is beautiful!! Very nicely done. 🙂

  4. That is just gorgeous!! That green will look fabulous on you too!

  5. This is a great piece of work. Adore the color – perfect for spring and early fall and cool nights in the summer.

  6. Wow what a beautiful project – I love the colour and pattern. Beautiful job!

  7. Your vacation sounded wonderful. I was curious — was the whole trip planned out before you left home or did you improvise where to go and where to stop as you went along? Who does all of the planning?

  8. wow Maria that is beautiful. I am making one also and I am having trouble with the underarm. Could you email me and tell me how you did it with that cable cast on? did you use the cabel cast on? I seem to have a hole and I know I should not. . . Mine is out os classic silk – classic elite yarns in a lovely blue. I am wondering if I just missed something, or don’t know something that all knitters know (except me!). Even took it to knitting group last night. . I’d love to hear any of your ideas/tricks/helps. Thanks

  9. I will never be able to knit like you…sigh…..but you do inspire me to keep picking up those needles now and again. Love that cardi!

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