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That’s What Friends Are For


Remember this quilt?  This is the black and taupe quilt I made for my friend.  Yes, I’m aware that it was pieced 8 months ago.  I got it back from the quilter last week and I’m thrilled.  One of my blog stalkers stopped over the other day and we stitched binding.  We stitched binding.  And we stitched some more.  Do you want to see the finished quilt?

The main part of the quilt is meandered and looks like ribbons.  The big cream blocks have a custom feather quilted in them.

My friend is thrilled!  (Her husband is smart enough to ooh and aah too!)  Here’s another shot with herWal-M*rt Neiman Marcus  pillows.

It just thrills me to make a quilt for someone who loves it so much.  She’s high on my list of favorite people and it was so much fun to bless her.  And in return, she’s going to come and quilt with me and a bunch of other friends next week.  More about that later!

I’ve been the slug of ’09 this week.  I worked on a quilt for about 5.7 minutes one day.  I’ve been knitting, but it’s a big green blob.  I started the Cap Shawl from Victorian Lace Today.   Sally of the Rainey Sisters knit a beautiful one using Kidsilk haze.  I’m knitting mine as a blanket using Araucania Nature Wool.  I’m on row 97 of row 171.  I’m just starting the Print of the Wave pattern.  So, I’m halfway right?  Ha!  We all know what happens with a circular shawl.  The rows already seem really long.  Unfortunately, it’s going to look like a big green blob for a very long time.

In honor of July 4th, I’ll leave you with one photo from our Washington DC trip.  This was taken from the Clock Tower at the Old Post Office.

I’m so thankful for this country we live in, with its flaws and all.  Have a great holiday weekend.  I’ll try to be a little more exciting next week!


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6 thoughts on “That’s What Friends Are For

  1. It’s this very quilt that got me to be a regular reader…it was in your post the first day I found this blog. It was your 11/16/08 post. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  2. another masterpiece, I love the color combination—can’t wait to see the blanket you are knitting!

  3. Great quilt. It’s great to see what can be done with a limited color palette (which isn’t really limited as there are so many different shades in it).

  4. This is a wonderful quilt… I would love to know the pattern?

  5. What a gorgeous quilt…and yes, the quilting is beautiful! I’m sure your friend is just in love with it!

  6. gorgeous quilt. Gorgeous projects as usual. Crazy and hectic summer and am way behind in blog reading and keeping up. More technology does NOT mean more time. And why do we always think we can do super remodeling projects in the summer …. sigh. Hope to get some knitting done soon. But love love the quilt colors.

    And it does look like you are keeping up your reputation of not much sleep this summer too — you’ve been on the go (I do peek at Flickr sometimes LOL)
    AND OMG I’ve fallen … ordered some yarn from some Etsy sellers. I think I am in love.

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