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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Thank Goodness!


After 25 years of quilting, you’d hope I could do better than the quilt you saw in the last post.  That was my first quilt.  Here’s the latest.

This is Quadrille.  The pattern is a Miss Rosie’s and the fabric is an older Barbara Brackman line.  It still needs the pieced border, but I’m pretty sure I only have one speed these days.  At least it’s not reverse.  You’d think after 4 days of a quilt retreat, I’d have more to show.  I think I talked too much!  I worked on one other project that I’ll show you sometime.

Do you see the two bright green striped arrows pointing at each other?  Yeah, I do to.  Too bad I didn’t notice them until it was sewn together.  I’m not ripping it out.

Yeah, I love it too.

Oh, and the famous quilter at the quilt retreat was Heather Mulder of Anka’s Treasures.  I know what’s going in her next books!!!!!

I’ll be back with one last post, and then I’m in the middle of nowhere for a week.


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20 thoughts on “Thank Goodness!

  1. The green arrows are your cute pooches ‘target’ – thats ‘the’ spot it will lie on when its cuddling with the family 😉

    You meant to do it!!

  2. That quilt is beautiful! You got more done than I did on my last retreat! So lucky you are to have inside information…the rest of us just have to wait for Heather’s patterns. Thanks again for the awesome box of fabric from your contest; I have yet to sew something up but I can’t wait;).

  3. I didn’t notice the arrows until you pointed it out! Just gorgeous! Enjoy your week in the middle of nowhere!

  4. It is beautiful, but what, did you forget to squint at it to see the arrows? I guess you did need me there to help you see that. No, don’t rip it. It is amazing. See you in the middle of nowhere in 3 days!

  5. I love your Quadrille quilt! So…is there anything you can share about Heather’s next book?!!!

  6. Beautiful quilt. love the complex look and your colors. WHat are you knitting these days??

  7. It’s beautiful green arrows and all!

  8. i like the green arrows… looks planned… and 4 days.. i’d do a lot of talking too!!

  9. Interesting pattern in that quilt, especially the tiny contrasting squares. I’d like to copy it in a knit design. 4 modified log cabin squares with a nine-patch, either mitered or plain garter. It would make a nice afghan, but for the sake of speed, I’m thinking dishtowel. Cute quilt.

  10. those two green arrows…quilt in a secret message for who ever is wise enough to look there for it. Just a suggestion.
    Make Lemonade…

  11. I didn’t see the green arrows until I looked for them. And actually, you could also look for red arrows- which there are also. Turned out really cute. Not a flaw- a design element.

  12. Your newest quilt is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!

  13. That perfect wallpaper effect is overrated. Quilts with focus points are the best ones! Totally!

  14. Beautiful! You are amazing!

  15. Absolutely beautiful! I love the idea of quilting in a secret message that Mickey suggested – it’s like x marks the spot in a beautiful treasure!

    You’re so lucky to have quilted with Heather. Sigh… Can’t wait to see what she’s cooking up.

  16. I didn’t see the arrows. I love the blog and will continue to follow (if that’s okay with you). My daughter is a knitter, I’m a quilter and we all live in OK. You must not totally hate the “butt ugly” or you wouldn’t still have it.

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