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Noro’s Next Top Model


There’s your first glimpse.

Have you seen enough?

Just one more?

How about a shot of the back?

Take your time.

Check out the variation in the colors.

Touch it.  Oh, you can’t.  I wish you could.  It’s so soft and drapey.

Now for the details.

Pattern:  Panda Silk DK Shawl It’s a free pattern from Crystal Palace Yarns.  Thanks, CPY!  This was a good one.

My name for it:  Waves of Alaska

Yarn:  Noro Silk Garden Lite  Color 2039

How many skeins:  I’m pretty sure I used 8 skeins, but a 9th would be good insurance.

Needles:  Size 7 Addi Turbos

Time:  8 days.  I knit this on a fishing charter in Alaska.  I was sure I’d signed on for a knitting cruise!

Measurements:  85″ across and 33″ from top to point.

Mods:  There are 7 tiers and 28 fans in the pattern.  I did 9 tiers and 45 fans, plus the 10 partial fans that finish off the top edge.  I could knit 7 fans from each skein of yarn.  Notice that it’s Silk Garden Lite, which is supposed to be DK weight, but you know how Noro yarn varies.  Regular Silk Garden would probably work.  It would just be a bit heavier.

Conclusion:  I am beyond thrilled with this project.  I wish I had taken a photo before I blocked this shawl, because it was lumpy and nasty.  If you start it, don’t quit because you think it looks ugly.  The blocking absolutely transformed this shawl!

Here’s one more shot with my trusty assistant.  She can always be counted on to help!  (Oh, and note the flowers in my crack!)

What’s next?  I’m finishing two more projects this week.  My Quadrille quilt and Trevi shawl are both getting their borders.  And I haven’t forgotten about Alaska pictures.  I’ve been too busy staring at Waves of Alaska.

I’m off to my sewing room.  I’m pretty sure I hear my name being called from the laundry room, but it may just be my ears ringing, so I’m going to ignore it!


Author: mariajhmom

I'm a wife, mom, quilter, knitter, and spinner. I blog at

17 thoughts on “Noro’s Next Top Model

  1. This is GORGEOUS!

    • I keep looking at yours to inspire me to continue!
      Those little motifs are addictve…you get started on
      one and can’t quit! Any advice on picking up stitches on
      the edges. I’ve had some difficulty deciding where to
      pick them up.

  2. Wow, that’s pretty. Reminds me of the Jojoland swirl shawl – simple motif repeated to show off the yarn colorways. I can’t do lime green, usually, but with those gorgeous purples, it could work on even a winter like me. Two thumbs up for this one!

  3. Absolutely beautiful!!! I love the colors and how they shine. Kinda looks like pansies to me. Pics are the best, too.

  4. Eight days!!!! That is amazing.
    AND it is gorgeous!
    (now my mind doesn’t normally do this to me, but when you said to notice the flowers in your crack, I was a bit worried about scrolling down, but after I studied the picture a minute, I figured out what you meant. Too many workmen in my house lately, I guess, for a the kitchen remodel job. That’s the only way I can explain it.)
    And I’ve downloaded the pattern and will try it when I finish my current lace project. AND I’m copying your colors exactly by getting the same yarn–it is just beautiful!

  5. Looks beautiful! I love that pattern too, watching your posts about making really makes me want to try out this pattern.

  6. I am in total awe!!!!

  7. Very nice. Like the colors.

  8. It’s gorgeous and looks totally different than the peek you showed us earlier. Blocking really made this one “strut it’s stuff”.

    I’m pretty sure that the voice is the sewing room is louder than the one in the laundry room….

  9. hi maria…..gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous…..this is the first lace pattern i’ve seen that i wanted to knit….thanx for showing….

  10. OH my……….this is beeutiful!

  11. That is the prettiest shawl I’ve ever seen! (& I love the name you gave it. . . perfect!)
    (& I love your little assistant. . . so cute!)
    xo, Bren

  12. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I love the colours, and the fans look great after blocking!

  13. Those colours.. it’s beautiful!

  14. gorgeous!!! I ordered some Silk Garden Lite today, but decided to practice on some Silk Garden while I wait.

    Did you slip the edge stitch to make picking up easier?

    thanks for sharing the link to the pattern — and your beautiful pictures!


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