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New Adventures with Trevi


I convinced Miss In Charge to model for me.  I felt like I was dealing with a world famous model.  She was quite sure her red pajama bottoms and bright blue t-shirt were just fine.  What???  Why did she have to brush her hair.  Go outside!!!  That wasn’t in her contract.  Sheesh!

Thanks, honey, for being so willing.  I know I took two minutes so much of your time.  I much appreciate it!

I learned two new things on this project.  I did my first ever knit on border.  Yes, Anne!  It was very easy.  I’m now on the hunt for another one.

I also learned to knit backward.  By doing that, I eliminated the need to turn my needles around for the back side of the knit on border.  I’ve tried to purl backward and failed.  However, knitting backward was a piece of cake.

Such a simple pattern with great geometry.  I love it.  Here are the details:

Pattern:  Trevi by Anne Hanson

Yarn:  Handmaiden Sea Silk, colorway rainforest,  purchased at Knitty Noddy

I used 1 1/2 skeins and made the middle size.  I really thought I should make the largest one, but got lazy!  It blocked to a weird size.  It was 62″ across and 36″ long.  I could start a whole debate about whether I should have slipped the first stitch on every row.  It certainly would have blocked wider that way, but it’s fine the way it is!

Here’s Trevi with a couple of friends.  They’re all dressed up with nowhere to go.  Especially since the gal on the left is wearing the unfinished Damask Kauni.

Oops!  It’s not June anymore.  Or July, for that matter.  I’d better go change my calendar.

I also finished the borders on my Quadrille quilt.  I’m saving it for another post, since I’m not anywhere close to finishing a knitting project and I’m going to need stuff to post about.  It doesn’t look a lot different, but it’s finished and I love it.  My sister is here and we’ve been sewing and just chilling, so I’ll have another finished quilt soon!

Oh, and I started another Noro modular project.  It’s going to be amazing.  The UPS guy just rang my doorbell, leaving me three more colors of Noro Kureyon to mix in my project.

Gotta go check it out!  And since you haven’t heard a laundry gripe in a while, I’m working on about 15 loads today.  I just heard the dryer beep.  See ya!


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16 thoughts on “New Adventures with Trevi

  1. This really is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. That is just beautiful! Knitting backwards!!! Didn’t know that was possible other than by mistake!

  3. You must share blocking tips! Your shawl blocked BEAUTIFULLY! It’s gorgeous! I’m sure Miss In Charge has been appropriately compensated and has forgiven you for overworking her.

  4. I’ve just started the Trevi also (I’m such a groupie of yours) but have just finished the first repeat in B, so I don’t want to go back and slip the first stitches, sigh. But I’ll come back with other questions 🙂 I’m using a deep rich red not-lace-but fingering weight, and anything else with this yarn just disappeared. But I think this project will be a great fit with the yarn.

    I had actually started the shawl in another yarn, but was sick of the color so frogged it. My summer has finally quieted down and I have a solo month and a half or so, so I am looking at my WIPs very critically to get a handle on them. 2 have been frogged already …..

  5. I’ll have to try that knitting backwards. Once upon a time I taught myself to knit left-handed for my south-paw granddaughter. The shawl is stunning. The color awesome. My calendar is on the same month. Are we in a time warp?

  6. Oh wow. GORGEOUS shawl! And ooooooh to the Kauni sweater. (Hope you find your 21 – unless you prefer to pretend there’s do 21st day in any month)

  7. abother breathtaking beauty. I love knitted on borders and am searching for the perfect one for one of my own designs, I may have to get out the graph paper and play!!

  8. I *love* your girls . . . you have the most inventive photography and displays. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I’ve just read 2 weeks worth of posts (I’ve been on a computer hiatus!) – I think your blog is my favorite – for photos and laughs and wonderful inspiration – you have it all!!! Trevi is gorgeous and I love your professional model. The Noro shawl and quilt down a few posts are both crazy beautiful and I LOVE the AK photos!

  10. Looks great! My Trevi is still 3 hanks of sea silk. lol

  11. Woman: get that Kauni done; winter’s a’comin’!

    It is so beautiful keeping company with not just one, but two lovely shawls. How do you get in so much knitting and quilting time??? I’m looking forward to seeing the quilt with borders on.

  12. that is SO beautiful!!

  13. Haha, your model is too funny! =)

    I have to share this link with you. My Swedish friend was married last weekend, and her sister made a shawl for her. I thought you’d enjoy seeing it.

  14. Your knitting is stunning! I’m attempting this craft as well but have had difficulty with a scheduled class format. Can you suggest a really good source that I could plug into (books, online tutorials, you making house-calls…)?

  15. It’s a wonderful shawl! I really feel a desire to knit when I see such pictures as yours!

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