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No Strings Attached


My sister and I decided to make rag quilts.  My washer and dryer may never be the same.

We got our inspiration from this quilt on Kate Kwiltz’s blog.  And there the similarity ends.

Here’s my sister’s quilt.

Shan “acquired” the fabric about 10 years ago.  It’s been sadly neglected in a closet since then.  It is now set to become a well loved snuggle quilt.  She used two layers for the big squares, but didn’t add batting.  When you live “down south”  there’s no need for such a heavy quilt.

Here’s one of the eight kids hanging out at our house this weekend.  No, she’s not mine or my sisters.  I’m just borrowing her.  That’s the kind of five year old I like.  The kind I can give back to her mom!

And now you may want to don your sunglasses.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I warned you!  This fabric is Bright Beginnings by Moda.  I’ve had the fat quarter lying around for quite a while.  I only used one layer for my blocks, so it’s very lightweight.  Guess who claimed it?

Yes, Miss In Charge.  Her room is orange, after all.  I turned this picture into a canvas with Photoshop.  (I’m going to learn to use Photoshop if it kills me!)

Would you like to see why I named this post “No Strings Attached”?  Here’s my quilt when I took it out of the wash machine at 2:45 this morning.  (Yes, I stayed up until 3:30 AM.  I had to see what it looked like dry!)

What a mess!  There are threads all over the washer, dryer, laundry room, and outside where I shook it out.  I’m pretty sure it’s not done shedding yet either.

So how do I segue into food?  Yes, we’ve been feeding 8 kids and 3 adults in between all the quilting.  Here’s our lunch this morning.

I purchased my big Kitchen Aid Pro Line waffle maker about 5 years ago.  It’s a huge hit at our house and has even been known to travel with us in the bus.  I used a mix today, because there was quilting to do, but I have a yeast waffle recipe that I usually use.  I make it the night before, and in the morning we’re ready to go.

Shoot!  That would have been a gorgeous photo if I hadn’t used a paper plate.  We conceded defeat this morning after having done dishes for all these people for the last week.  We have more quilting to do, you know!

I’ll be back soon with photos of my sisters gorgeous, perfectly pieced quilt.  The border alone is worth a look.

And……’s my blogiversary on Tuesday.  Be ready for a giveaway.  I’ll have something for both the knitter and the quilter.

Gotta go!  Shan wants to figure out one more project so she can work on it at home.  She thinks she can’t quilt without me.  Wrong!


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10 thoughts on “No Strings Attached

  1. Once again – an entry worth waiting for!!!!!! Maria, I check your blog each day and it’s always a delight to see what you are working (and finishing) on! You inspire me. Your rag quilt contained at least four of the same fabrics that my first one did – great minds, yes? Those are OLD cuts! I took mine to the laundromat because I had heard that the huge commercial machines didn’t mind the mess. GREAT JOB, thanks for sharing!

  2. what fun — and the brights are truly fabulous! There has to be a thread fairy for the clean up though …. is there a “lint” trap in a washing machine LOL?

    And blogaversary … wow! I hope to remind myself to check in!

    and the waffles …. it’s just about dinner time here, so good thing I can’t eat the computer!

  3. Gorgeous quilts, gorgeous photos and yummy food, what more could a person ask for! I always enjoy reading your blog. toni :o) xxx

  4. So many people are quitting blogging please don’t be one of them I enjoy my trip to your spot so much, you have gorgeous pictures, gorgeous projects, gorgeous children and you always entertain me and I can’t begin to tell you the lift you give my day, after a trying morning at the Imaging Center having hip and spine x-rays I loved coming home to your colorful post.

  5. I’m a knitter and quilter also and love them both. It is fun to be so invoved in these hobbies.
    I check your blog every day just to see what new project you are moving on too. The new afghan is really interesting.
    I loved you trip pictures to Washington and Alaska, I too live in Minnesota, have been to Washington and have a brother living in Alaska(it really can be a small world sometimes)
    Please keep blogging I love it and you have made many beautiful items.

  6. Difficult choice!! I am going to say the koigu shawl, cause the colors are so amazing!!! I tend to like color like you do. But so many of your things are so very lovely!

    I will say enter me for the quilt fabric, although I could just as easily go the other way!! Flipped a coin!!

  7. Oh my that waffle sure looks good! 8 kids + 3 adults = paper plates anywhere in the country I would think.

  8. I found your blog just a few days ago, LOVE IT! You have so many neat quilts and knitted projects, I had so much fun looking through all your finished projects. ( And envying that you actually start and finish so many of yours! Yea for you! That’s something I really need to work on! lol)I have too many favorites, your Thelma’s Day out black and white bag is to die for, and your Rebel Roses quilt. ( I limited myself to this years finishes to make it easier on myself!)I’ve always wanted to learn to knit, I can crochet, but I would like to be entered for the fabric, please!

  9. The way the light is hitting it, that plate totally looks like china 🙂
    The only prize i want is a picture of someone wearing your Kauni! (any size, any degree of done-ness)

  10. I like yours WAY better, especially the brights! Didn’t I mention that these things KILL your dryer? I washed mine in a pillow case, but couldn’t help the dryer, just clean out the lint trap every five minutes or so…

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