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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

And Now For the Chuckle of the Day!


Superblonde got her driving permit!!!  Yeah, a blonde behind the wheel of a large vehicle.

So, today we headed out to run errands.  Superblonde asked if she could drive.  I reluctantly willingly agreed.

We got in the car.  I turned around to talk to Ms In Charge, and promptly cracked up laughing.

Hmmm…..she may be on to something there.

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14 thoughts on “And Now For the Chuckle of the Day!

  1. I knew it! Before I scrolled down, I knew it was a helmet! Good girls you have there.

  2. Nice to see that everyone in the family has a good sense of humor LOL

    But with the exception of my daughter, all the young people in our family started out …. driving slowly. Darling Daughter has now reformed, but sure scared us to death at first!


  3. Hi Maria! I am ditzee on ravelry! I love so many of your projects that sometimes i am afraid to look at your finished projects. I think we like the same type of things and color. I love your hydrangea stole and want to get that colorway for my stole. The lastest thing I have to make and copy is your panda silk shawl. I love the colors in that. Though I just have bought 2 different colors for the Lady Eleanor and the Wrap Me up. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I read your blog every day or two. It is great.

  4. P.S. Maria. I would like the yarn if I win. Forgot to tell you that in my email.
    Martha (Dizee)

  5. My goodness….my 15 year old is learning too….we started in the high school parking lot while #2 was at soccer practice. The 3 younger kids in the back of the 15 passenger van. They kept teasing him about hitting other imaginary cars and people…Ooops! You just ran over your teacher! They had so much fun that now they tease me in that parking lot….Ran over another one, Mom! God Bless you and me as we go thru this driving thing.

  6. It looks like she has the right idea 🙂

  7. All that’s missing are the 5-point racing restraints!

  8. This is great…love the bike helmet!!!

  9. LOVE IT!!!!!! (and honestly I want to do that anytime I get in the car with my daughter)

  10. Oh, I can’t stop laughing! Our daughter is learning to drive too, I wish I had thought of wearing a helmet! 😀 😀 😀

  11. 😀 Looks like you have some wonderful girls with humor there 🙂

  12. I am cracking up here. I love the looks on both your girls’ faces but the helmet is too cool.

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