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How Many Shawls is Too Many?


I love making shawls.  You may have noticed that.  I was unpacking from our Vail trip the other night, and putting my shawls in the shawl drawer.  (Yes, I have a drawer full of them!)  So how many shawls is too many?  And yes, I do wear them.

So, here’s another one!

This is Ishbel.  If you’re familiar with this pattern at all, you’ll see that I made mine way larger than the pattern.  I did the garter stitch section in the larger size, and I have no idea how many lace repeats I did.  I also did a few extra rows of the bottom chart.

The yarn is from The Plucky Knitter.  The colorway is Bev’s Lava Lamp!  I’m in a sock club and when the yarn came, I immediately wound it and started a scarf.  Then I found out that Jackie wanted to trade a skein (I think that’s how it worked. I don’t remember for sure.)  So I ended up with two skeins.  Then Sarah, the genius behind The Plucky Knitter, knit an Ishbel, and I was sold.

I love this stuff!  It’s so soft.  I’m really happy with this.  Oh, and just in case you’re a blocking addict like I am, I’ll show you what it looked like last night.  My mother-in-law was here and had never seen lace blocked.  Other than watching me crawl around on the floor with my rear end sticking out, she thought the process was pretty intriguing!

I’m so considerate of my blog readers that I now block on black towels instead of the bright beach towels I usually use.  You’re welcome!

Here’s another project I’ve been working on, but there’s some assembly required, as well as blocking.

It’s a little purse.  I’m done knitting it, but I need to block it and sew some seams.  Aren’t the handles fun? I purchased the yarn and handles at The Yarn Studio in Minturn, Colorado.  (Sorry, no web site!)

Oh, and yesterday was the kids’ first day of school.  They were done at noon.  Here they are right after they walked in the door.

The dog didn’t go to school.  She just met them at the door.  Doesn’t Frankie (on the left)  look thrilled?  There was a reason.  A couple hours after I took the photo, he had a fever and was throwing up.  Today was supposed to be my first day at home by myself.  That’s been postponed til tomorrow.

I think I need to go find another shawl to knit.  Actually, there’s an idea in the works!


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11 thoughts on “How Many Shawls is Too Many?

  1. just breathtaking, as your shawls always are, I too have quite a collection and can’t stop making them.

    the bag is going to be fun once you get it together!!!

    Tell Frankie, I am with him I have been under the weather too!! School here doesn’t start until Sept 10th But I don’t have any left to got to school anyway so it doesn’t much matter!!

  2. I don’t know how many shawls are too many but I am wondering how many orange-red ones you have?
    Actually I’m trying to think of what color you don’t have. You don’t like gray or pink but maybe brown?

  3. I will NOT admit to how many shawls I have… more than will fit in any drawer in my bedroom. I’m addicted to lace, too.

    Nice idea to use black towels to block your shawls. Have to round up a few for blocking and pictures. Your pictures are all wonderful.

  4. I just love shawls too. Yours are beautiful!

  5. I still haven’t resumed breathing: your shawl is breathtaking. Now I know what that word really means. I’ve often asked how many (shawls, sweaters, pairs of socks, quilts) is too many. I think that only the Sphinx knows ( Isn’t there a legend about the Sphinx knowing the answer to some secret?)

  6. 10,000?

    you can never have enough! Why quit why you create such beautiful work?

  7. I love the pic of your shawl blocking. I’m determined that blocking is going to make the blob I’m knitting look fabulous! Just like yours!

  8. If you can create those beauties, and actually WEAR them, no amount is too many.
    Thank you for blocking on black! (And here I thought you pinned open every yarn-over. I’ve lost all respect for blocking now.)
    And the kids?? Three out of four smiling faces is a pretty good average on any day, never mind the first day of school! Hope the little guy is feeling better.

  9. have had a fine but long day and am very tired, but have to comment on the shawl ….

    GORGEOUS! I have an ishbel DONE — can I send it to you to block?
    Maryjo (nice kids, but I also love the doggie!)
    (we are waiting for hubby to stop traveling so we can get a “new” dog)

  10. What a beautiful shawl!!

    I don’t think there is such a thing as too many shawls. Especially your beautiful shawls…they are works of art!

    I read your blog frequently and enjoying seeing your projects. I’m not a good commenter, so I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that I like your blog!

  11. What I want to know is how many Ishbels are too many?!! I was a flat failure at lace until this shawl. Thank you, Ysolda! I’m almost finished with my 3rd. I want one the size of yours – guess I’ll have to purchase yarn instead of using my sock yarn stash – unless, flash of brilliance – I use 2 different yarns alternating every couple of rows ala Chevron Scarf! Sometimes my brilliance amazes even ME!! Off to check out my sock stash for 2 coordinating beauties…

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