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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

The Pieces of My Life


How’s that for a dramatic title?  Actually my life is pretty simple.  I do the wife and mom thing, and then I knit and quilt.  Not much drama areound here.

My life did include a ton of pieces this week.  Little. Tiny. Pieces.

I pieced this Feathered Star Block as a test project for Marsha McCloskey.  She’s got a new book coming out.  I’m sure if I’d paid more attention to the emails, I could tell you when, but I’m just not sure.  I’ll let you know when it’s out though.

Marsha is the queen of Feathered Star blocks.  I’ve done several of these crazy blocks.  Here’s a Double Feathered Star I did back in my complete quilting moron days!  I just realize that I have a book of hers that has a Triple Feathered Star in it.  I think it’s calling my name.  (The subtitle of the book says, “Really Hard Blocks That Take a Long Time To Make.”  Yep!  She’s not kidding.

See those blue and white half square triangles?  They’re 1 inch squares.  I’d forgotten how much fun it is to play with little pieces like this.

I’d better get my testing info to her.  It’s due today.  Nothing like waiting til the last minute.

Yes, there’s always knitting going on.  And I’m going to wind some yarn and do a couple test swatches this afternoon!  The guys are golfing, and the girls are hanging out.  So I’m going to grab a cup of coffee and chill out!


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10 thoughts on “The Pieces of My Life

  1. Stunning!

    Just stunningly beautiful!

    ; )

  2. Absolutely amazing!!!

  3. just simply gorgeous – LOVE and admire your work so much!!! I especially love the way that you put color together Maria – you’ve got one of those built-in color wheels!

  4. That is one beautiful piece of work. I love the colors.

  5. What size does this finish out? It’s gorgeous! Must be a million pieces…..

  6. Beautiful! The colors go wonderfully!

  7. That’s really, really pretty!! I admired one of her patterns this week- for several days- and then put it away for something easier. I don’t like to plan frustration.

  8. so beautiful, you must have the patience of a saint!

  9. Obviously the block is beyond beautiful, but what I can’t get past is….You are test quilting for Marsha McCloskey??? WOW – I am duly impressed!!!

  10. OMG — a new feathered star book coming out? Be still, my heart. My favorite block, and among the first I ever pieced before I was told by many that they are “difficult.” I had already fav’d this photo on Flickr … so great!

    Any more info on the book? Yahoo!!

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