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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

It’s About The Accessories!


No, it’s not a necklace.  It’s not a dog collar, although that would be really cute!

While we were in Colorado, we visited The Yarn Studio in Minturn.  I saw this purse knit up and decided I needed to knit one. The yarn is Lamb’s Pride Worsted, and it knit up really quickly, although there was quite a bit of finishing.

Do I love it?  No, not really.  It’s awkward to hold, and the shape is a bit strange.  But it’s ok, because I’m a process knitter and I get the most enjoyment out of knitting it.

I love the handles though, so I’ll just have to hang it somewhere that I can walk by and touch the beads!

I’m having a terrible time with self control right now.  I want to knit every new project I see.  I could start 10 projects today, without searching very hard.  I have new stuff favorited on ravelry.  And I could go through my WIPs on ravelry and see 10 more things that I want to finish.  I really think I could sit and knit for 8 hours a day.

And then there are quilts.  There too, I have 10 quilts I’d like to finish and another 10 I’d like to start.  Every time I look, there is more gorgeous fabric on the market.

Now lets talk about my house.  Every room in the house needs work.  I’m not a saver.  I just need to get at it and get rid of a bunch of stuff! I was an adult yesterday!  I turned my climb over closet back into a walk in closet!  I also have the nasty habit of dumping my clothes on the edge of the bathtub…for days at a time.  That’s clean too, except for the dead centipedes in the bathtub.  May they rest in peace!

Today is going to be a quilting day.  Tomorrow, I’ll be an adult and do laundry and sort some stuff in the laundry room while I’m there.  Now that’s a plan!  (Oh, I started something with the Wollmeise I won.  I may work on that in between.  I’ll show you soon.  I promise.)

Note to self:  go deadhead those flowers!


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10 thoughts on “It’s About The Accessories!

  1. oh I sooo know what you mean… I could lock myself in my sewing room forever and have the same problem with dreaming up so many projects. I’ve tried to be brave, and actually acknowledge all the fabric I have and make a prioritized list (it was sooo long) but I keep finding more things to add and the list is longer. I have no self discipline where fabric, chocolate or diet coke are involved!

  2. add me to the group, I KNOW I have to dust and windex today Its already noon here and all I keep thinking about is knitting. I have 4 things going steady and I know of 3 I want to start now. God let me find a dust cloth, maybe if I got rid of it I would stop coughing!!!!

    I love the bag, and those handles are awesome!

  3. Yeah, me too! But I have taken to doing a load of laundry while cooking and again throwing a load in the dryer which will be finished by the time I get back from the store. Otherwise, since it’s the first week of school, the sequence of things just hasn’t been worked out yet. I’ll blame it on that. Chuckle.

  4. And do they make those beads into a necklace? I want one.

  5. I don’t remember writing this post ….honestly…..I just live this daily so I could have written it. Quit stealing my life! Hahaha!

  6. I have a feeling you’re going to be starting a bunch of new stuff soon! Don’t you love the feeling of a new project?!

  7. Love the beads! What would we girls do without our accessories! Your blog is great, and your pictures are fantastic! Can’t wait to see what quilting you’re up to (hint, hint, please post pics). Thanks!

  8. Count me in to the “I could knit all day and my queue is endless” group!

  9. Love this post. I’m a process knitter too, which probably why I have so many UFOs lurking in my house and still want to start more. I like that purse though. Very cute. Same for the handles. All I ever see around here for purse handles is goduuuuugly so I end up knitting those too. Did you line that purse?

    (I am on a finishing binge lately, though.)

  10. I love those handles! Great photography to – ecspecially that first shot.

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