Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

If I Were Any More Relaxed…


…I’d be in a coma!

This week has been fabulous!  It’s Thursday, and the last time I left the house was Monday night.  I love that!  I could stay home all the time and not care.  My brain feels clearer.  I’m just more relaxed.  Now if I could get the Bickersons to stop their bickering after school!

I thought I had all our dental stuff taken care of before school started.  Then Ms. In Charge lost a filling and Dreamboy had a bracket come loose on his braces.  So today involved a few trips to school and to appointments.  The result:  one tooth pulled (it was a baby tooth!) and a bracket glued back on.

Between appointments, I got to spend some time with an old friend.  She’s not old!  We’ve just been friends for 20 years.  It was fun to just sit and catch up.  In a few weeks, she’s coming over and finishing a project that was started 2 1/2 years ago!  I’m trying to remember what I was working on.  I’m betting I didn’t finish my project either.  (If you listen closely, you can hear her arguing with me about finishing it!)

Here’s where I spent the last hour.  (Oops!  I still didn’t deadhead those flowers!)

The weather here in Minnesota has been amazing.  The forecast for the next 5 days is about 77 and sunny!

We’d better enjoy it because the Farmers Almanac is predicting “Numbing Cold” this winter.  “We feel the middle part of the country’s really going to be cold – very, very cold, very, very frigid, with a lot of snow,” says the editor of the almanac.  Sounds like knitting and quilting weather to me!

Oh, you probably want to know what I’m knitting while I’m sitting outside.

A couple of weeks ago, I won some Wollmeise from The Loopy Ewe.  I’m knitting Clothilde.  I’ve knit to the point where I’m supposed to be done, but I have a ton of yarn left.  I guess I’ll just keep knitting.  Unfortunately, lace just looks like a pile of holes while it’s in process.

We do have one major problem around here.  We’re having car trouble.

Fortunately, Frankie got on it right away.  I’m sure it will be fixed in no time!

He got his F150 for his birthday two years ago, and he’s literally worn holes in the tires.  I should probably order some new ones!

Well, since I’m so relaxed and My Hero won’t be home until late, I think we’ll go to Dairy Queen for dinner.  We may as well make their kitchen sticky instead of mine!


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5 thoughts on “If I Were Any More Relaxed…

  1. I might be coming over for cookies instead of whatever that project was again

  2. I envy your peace and quiet! But am so glad to have found my next lace project. I think it will be perfect for my new yarn.

  3. How do you like working with the Wollmeise? I have 2 skeins that I have not knit.

    I love the pics of Frankie!

  4. he’s leaking oil, you know (I just love those photos!!)

  5. That last photo of Frankie just cracks me up! Is he really fixing that himself? Impressive.

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