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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Full Circle


Yes, I started yet another project.  I’m the boss of my knitting, in case you were wondering.

I started Rendezvous.  It’s a brand new pattern by Glenna of Knitting to Stay Sane.  She introduced the pattern yesterday, and I took one look at it and went stash diving.

Do you want to see the pattern or the color of the yarn first, because I don’t have both in the same photo.  Let’s start with the yarn color.

I’m loving this yarn!  It’s Twisted by Blue Moon Fiber Arts and the colorway is Spinel.

Now I’ll show you what the back of the sweater looks like.  I hate to use such a bad photo, but it was the only way I could make the pattern show up.

The outside edges are stockinette, and the moss stitch is framed by cables on either side.  I love it!  Thanks, Glenna!

And now for the reason for the title.  From my late teens to my early thirties, I was a cross stitching fool!  I just loved it.  But I don’t think I’ve cross stitched for at least 10 years.  For about the last month, I’ve been drooling over the gorgeous cross stitch designs that Barb and Alma have been doing over at Blackbird Designs.  For some reason, cross stitch looked fun to me.  Last week I stumbled on a pattern that I just had to have.  So I ordered the pattern, linen, and 14 stinkin’ skeins of black embroidery floss.  I was sure I would work on it for an hour and hate it.

I love it!!!!!!

This is Lissy.  I’m in love.  It’s a large sampler, and I’m sure I’ll never finish it in short order.  So I truly have come full circle.  Well almost…I could start macrame plant hangers again.  Everyone needs some of those!

If you look carefully, my trusty assistant is on the top right corner of all three photos.  She’s napping right now, and I’m going to keep her company soon!

I don’t think you’ll see much for finished projects for a while.  I’m working on too many things, but that’s ok, because I’m the boss of my projects, and I’m having fun.  Besides, if I don’t keep knitting, a certain 15 year old blonde may just make me run screaming out of the house.  I just have one question for you.  Does it say “STUPID” on my forehead?   I.  Don’t.  Think.  So.

I’m going to lie down now before I get mad all over again.


Author: mariajhmom

I'm a wife, mom, quilter, knitter, and spinner. I blog at

14 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. Wow, how fantastic! You are super quick to get started. How lovely that you were able to find stash yarn to boot. I hope it knits up well for you!

  2. The cross stitch looks lovely, I have just taken it up again too. I am doing a series of Beatrix Potter creatures and I intend to make them into a baby quilt. Your knitting os fantastic as usual : )

  3. Hope Your Hero comes to the rescue and straightens the 15 YO blonde out! After she turns 21 you’ll know a lot more than she thinks you know now. Unfortunately it’s a long 6 years!

  4. Ooh, I used to be an avid cross stitcher too, and even more crazy for Hardanger. Here’s the last project I finished:

    Stopped both, for the most part, when my kids were little and I couldn’t concentrate long enough to follow a needlework chart. Now I’m not so sure my eyes would let me work on linen anymore, so I’ll probably try using a magnifying lamp the next time I stitch.

    Meanwhile, the design you’re stitching is gorgeous! Enjoy!

  5. Knitting was created to save us from our teenagers. So, carry on, Maria, carry on. Thank you for reminding me WHO THE BOSS IS when it comes to knitting … I had a momentarily lapse! I love your new project – the color is a true winner and you will create something extraordinary because that is what you do.

    When my last teenager hit his twenties – he came up with something that made the speed of fast cars and bad girlfriends look like penny candy …. he became a career firefighter. Yup, that’s right – he’s the one who runs INTO the burning buildings. Knitting. It keeps me sane!

  6. The stitching looks wonderful! You’ll probably be up at 3am working on it or the knitting!

  7. Oh how I would love to start cross stitch again . . . for now I’m ‘collecting’ patterns. (sigh) The design you chose is beautiful!
    Love your little assistant. . . when I look at the photos, I could swear it’s my Bailey in them! So cute!
    xo, Bren

  8. thank you for including Ms. Georgie … sigh, it’s been a while, you know?

    Cross stitch? Lovely. Yep, I’ll do it again, too. Macrame? Never again LOL

  9. Maria
    I jumped head first into this sweater also. I am still trying to decide on yarn- I have plenty in the stash but I am going to Stitches Midwest on Saturday I might just find something that I can not live without 🙂

  10. ….Maria….love both projects….beautiful colorway on the yarn….and what a cute pupper….

  11. The cross stitch is lovely! I, too, spent many years exclusively cross stitching, but stopped when I learned to knit. Nice to it’s possible to enjoy more than one craft at a time – I just may have to whip out some embroidery floss! 🙂

  12. Love your knitting and your blog. Your cross stitch is lovely. I, too, used to cross stitch constantly. Don’t think my eyes can handle the charts anymore. I can relate to your teenager woes. (I have 3 girls.) I always tell mine that the “S” on my forehead is for Sue, not Stupid or Slave!! Thanks for all your inspiration!

  13. I love the blue colour of your new project! BUT – your cross stitch project is awesome! And in black! It’s gorgeus!

  14. It’s so funny nothing is new, it just comes around again! I found this hideous turtle (but I love it!) that I cross stitched when I was about 10. It has that super 70’s look of bright blue fabric and the multi colored shapes on the turtles shell…so funny! It inspired me to consider trying a small project again, and oddly enough, lead me right to macrame!!

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