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New Fall Stuff!


It’s definitely fall here in Minnesota today.  It’s only 57 degrees and really windy.

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in almost a week!  My Hero and I spent 4 days visiting The Genius.  I can’t believe I have a junior in college.  I’m not that old…once I cover all my gray hair!  Superblonde went with us too.  She needed some sister time.

I did manage to sneak in to Loops.  I just love that place.  I won’t tell you what I bought.  Let’s just say they were happy to see The Genius and I.  The Genius was happy that mom’s credit card was along too!!!

I did start a new project last week.  It’s the Looking Glass Sweater.  (Rav link)

The yarn is Numma Numma Texas Toasty. The colorway is Blue Corn Masa.  The contrasting color is two different colors of Silk Garden Lite.  I pilfered from two totally different colorways.  I maybe could have done better, but I didn’t want to wait to start it.  I pulled from my stash!  Aren’t you proud of me.

Guess what I got?  In the last post I showed you my Rendezvous cardigan made with Blue Moon Fiber Arts Twisted.  I loved the yarn so much, I ordered it in two different colors.

The top yarn is Brick and it’s going to be a sweater for My Hero.

The other colorway is called Gail’s Autumm Joy and it’s mine!!!  I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet.  Any suggestions?

Time to hit the shower and get ready to chase with the kids.  I’ll try to post more than once a week!


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13 thoughts on “New Fall Stuff!

  1. Wait a minute, back the truck up… you actually KNIT with stash yarn?

    Is that what I’m supposed to be doing with it? I thought I was just supposed to pull it out randomly, pet it, coo at it, tell it how lovely it is… and then zoom off to the LYS.

    Am I doing it wrong?

  2. ….i was thinking about you today….wondering what you’ve been doing….it’s even cooler here in the swamp….not as cool as you, but cool for us in the a.m….:)

  3. What a riot of color! It’s all so purty, mesmerizing, even.

  4. What a gorgeous colour combinations. Can’t wait to see what you will be knitting this time. It’s all so lovely what you make!

  5. What has The Genius been knitting? We haven’t seen any of her projects in a long time! Really like The Looking Glass sweater so far.

  6. Lookin’ good! The new yarn is beautiful, I can’t wait to see what you decide to do with it! 🙂

  7. I don’t know what to say to you. Will you adopt me? That way, I can just gaze at your knitting adoringly and maybe dead-head your flowers so that you let me stay… LOL ANOTHER sensational piece of knitting underway and THIS time I will follow …. ordering pattern in the morning. You should come to Sheep & Wool to show this one off!

  8. 57 degrees sounds heavenly! I can’t wait for a break in this heat. Of course, here we run the a/c until after Christmas.

  9. Love the color of the Autumn joy. So perfect for autumn 🙂

  10. i think the contrasting colours really pop out great with the blue!

  11. Love those autumnal colors. Wish you could blow some cod air our way. People at the bakery were exited because it was in the 70’s this morning. we are supposed to have a cold snap with temps into the ’60’s tomorrow. Bet you laughing. Am I right?

  12. Ooo, pretty! Really, that’s the first thing my brain said when it saw your beautiful sweater in progress. I look forward to seeing it complete!

  13. Oh how I love that sweater! That is going to be a beauty. And now I’ve queued it!

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