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Knitting at Kalahari


What a day!  I think I’m the only one awake.

We went to Kalahari today.  It’s the largest indoor waterpark in the country.  We were there from noon until almost 6:00. We left to have pizza at Uno’s.  Frankie and My Hero went back to the waterpark.  The girls went back to the bus to watch a movie, while Dreamboy and I went to the outlet mall.  Frankie and My Hero closed the waterpark at 10:00 PM.  My Hero was wasted.  Frankie was ready for more!

Superblonde enjoyed the Lazy River.

Frankie was lovin’ that cinnamon roll.  I had tiramisu.

It was one of those desserts that looked much better than it tasted.  I passed it around and it was quickly consumed.

I got a bunch of knitting done today.  I started the Carlito Cardigan (rav link)  for My Hero.  The yarn is the red Twisted that you saw in the previous post.  It’s a pattern that has me holding my breath a bit.  I think its’ going to work, but there’s a lot going on, so time (and a lot of knitting) will tell.

This is part of the left front.  I do love the traveling cable.

The cable was knit first.  Stitches were then picked up to do the bottom part.  Next, I will pick up stitches above the cable to do the upper chest of the left front.  Let me just tell you that this sweater is going to take a while!

I’ve had requests for puppy photos.  Here’s a very sad puppy as we got in the car to go the the waterpark.  She was sure that she should go along and swim with us.  (Actually, she hates water.)

I’m not sure what we’re going to do tomorrow.  I’ve heard noises about go-karts and some more time at the outlet mall.  Whatever we do, it won’t happen until late morning.  Nobody will be awake!


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6 thoughts on “Knitting at Kalahari

  1. That is one gorgeous cardigan. Nice pics. of your family and puppy. That is one yummy looking cinnamon bun. Sounds like your having a great time.

  2. Kalahari is an awesome place, isn’t it? Our family has been there twice and we’re considering going back again at the end of October. Love the red cables! Your Hero will look very handsome in it when it’s finished. Have a great remainder of your vacation.

  3. I miss puppers! That is officially my new favorite George picture!

    The Genius

  4. Looks like a great time! Frankie looks like he’s really enjoying his cinnamon bun!

    The red is going to look fantastic on Your Hero.

  5. The sweater is gorgeous — that yarn shows the stitch definition so well!

  6. ooh, what a sweet photo. That is a well-loved dog, for sure, even here on cyberspace. Can’t wait for hubby to stop traveling so we can think about getting a dog — 2+ years after the death of a well-loved/long-lived dog is TOOOO long to go without!

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