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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

At Last…


Who’s behind the quilt?  Can you guess?

There’s another quilter in the family!!!  Obviously this person is rather short, because this quilter is standing on a chair.

It’s Frankie.  He started this quilt in 1st grade.  (That was two years ago!)  For their 100th day of school, they had to have 100 of something, so he did 100 quilt pieces.  Here’s the blog post about it, if you’re bored interested.  He’s been bugging me for the last several weeks about finishing it.  Yesterday was the day!  Now he wants to start another one!

Last night, after Frankie and I finished our piecing session, I headed for the basement to work on this:

I know.  You’re shocked.  I am too.  It’s my second quilt in about a week.  This quilt has been finished for two years and I just love it.  It’s going on the bed in the guest room.

I’m just using an allover leaf pattern for the center.

I got really brave and outlined the leaves and flowers on the border.

This quilt is 122 inches square.  It’s huge!!!  And I just can’t even tell you how much it thrills me.  I can’t wait to finish it!

This was a mixed weekend.  On Saturday we attended the funeral of a family member.  She was about my age, and struggled with alcohol addiction.  Her support group was there and all told stories of her brilliant smile, caring heart, and love for God.  I felt horrible afterward.  They all loved and accepted her and we just wrote her off.

So what do you suppose our sermon was on yesterday?  How do we accept people in our church and our lives that don’t fit our cookie cutter world?  My Hero and I are putting some serious thought into how we need to respond to all of this.  How can we call ourselves Christians if we can’t get out of our comfort zone and love people that don’t look and act quite like we do?

I just can’t even put into words what I’m thinking about all of this.  I feel so blessed to be in a safe home with My Hero and my kids.  I have a college kid that is searching for God’s best for her.  We lack nothing!  And then there’s the real world.  It’s scary and messy and diverse and interesting.  What does God want me to do about all of it???

Life is never boring, is it?


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10 thoughts on “At Last…

  1. Honestly, when my life gets boring I tend to get nervous… it’s historically meant the universe was saving up 5-6 big things for me all at once.

    Compassion is a hard lesson. I always go back to remembering all the people who have loved and supported me regardless of my quirks and temperament.

    We live. We learn. Sometimes we have to learn the same thing over and over again. But I find that the rewards are well worth it.

  2. Many congratulations to the fine young quilter! What a great job.

    As for boring – it’s my favourite state. That means nothing bad is happening.

  3. What fabulous quilting!! Love them!

    I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your family member. Those are some good, tough questions you’re asking, though.

  4. i too extend my sympathies on the loss of your family member, the dilemmas you mentioned are something that face Tom and I everyday–since our son wrote us out of his life. Slowly there is improvement between son and I but not yet with his dad, its hard to not blame the others who influence his life now. I look forward to your thoughts as you and your Hero come to grips with it all.

    Frankie’s quilt is beautiful, I knew it had to be him, he seems very interested in your work. And the quilt you are stitching is breathtaking.

    Marie you continue to inspire me!!! Fondly Grace

  5. Good quilts and good thoughts to share, my sympathy for your loss.

  6. Frankie did a great job – I hope he continues to develop his creativity!

    I appreciate all your ponderings about dealing with difficult people. I’m struggling with some of these issues right now with different people. It’s so hard to accept people who seem to continually try to hurt me. How can I be a Christian and not stoop to their level? Somedays, it is just so hard not to let them get the best of me.

    I truly enjoy your blog and all that you share. Can I come over and have you teach me how to knit? You do such beautiful work!!

  7. You strike me as someone whose heart is as beautiful as your quilting and knitting. I’m sorry for your loss… and inspired by your awareness of God’s presence in this time and any lessons he has.

  8. You have shown us the side of yourself that is creative and playful and deeply committed to your family and your God. You are generous and thoughtful and inspiring in so many ways.
    What I want to say is this – perhaps if we look to our animals we can learn about unconditional love. The kind that will strengthen our human relationships. I don’t think of trading my Harley in when he goes nuts (in a bad way) over the pizza guy. I don’t consider him imperfect when he jumps on the new sofa and digs his feet in and slobbers on the upholstery. I just think – that’s Harley, he loves me, no questions asked. When I went through that painful weekend, he slept beside me – as close as he could get. He didn’t smell great because it had rained for three days in a row, but he loves me and he teaches me to accept imperfection in my human community.
    Does that make any sense?
    You are a good person – committed to growth. There’s hope for people like you and me!!!!

  9. Tell Frankie he did a great job!!

  10. The quilting looks great!

    As a probation officer and a Christian…I struggle every day with the other subject you bring up here. Some days I do better than others…

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